Chocolate Layer Cake with Mocha Milk Chocolate Frosting

Rich, light, smooth, creamy, DELICIOUS chocolate cake. Like the kind of chocolate cake that no matter how many times you tell yourself ‘just one more forkful….’  you end up cleaning your plate and then scraping the frosting off your friend’s piece next to you. And then go look for it in the fridge at like 2 am.

Warning though: this cake is a bit challenging. Its not the typical throw a few ingredients in a bowl, mix, and voila! But its totally doable and soooo worth it. Its kind of like a teenager (Remember when you HAD to have that glitter belt or else Jimmy would totally never notice you. And if you stood in the way of that glitter belt…life was over). So just love the little nit picky directions despite your urge to grab some boxed brownies and see how amazingly yummy it turns out.

*Side note- The actual cake part of this is SO good. Depending on how you like your frosting you may want to change up the recipe. The frosting that goes with this cake is mocha flavored with instant espresso powder, which I LOVE. But I know my little brother wasn’t so into it (not a coffee kid yet). So regular milk chocolate buttercream, vanilla buttercream, or even chocolate buttercream on top and rich peanut butter buttercream in the middle would all be equally as delicious. This is just a great base chocolate cake.

Here we go…..Grab your electric mixers….

About 330 Calories (This calculation also takes into account that I only used half the frosting. The recipe really makes more than enough. If you use all of it tack on another 100+ calories, about 470 calories.)