Ooey Gooey Peanut Butter S’mores Bars

I”m home! I’m home! I’m home!

….And I’m ready to turn right back around :)

NYC was SO much fun! I don’t even know where to begin telling you about it!


How about Birthday Cake Truffles at Momofuku Milk Bar??

Tomato Focaccia at Eataly? Chocolate Souffles at The Little Owl??

At least 5lbs of peanut butter M&Ms at that ENORMOUS M&M store in Times Square. Don’t judge.


O wait… and what’s that Kristina?

Who did you see?

Is that… is that a blurry Nick Jonas??

Sam Champion’s butt??

Lara Spencer wondering why the hell you are taking her picture??

Yes. Yes.. and yes!

If you didn’t judge my peanut butter M&Ms go ahead and judge away all you want now. I was totally one of those people that woke up at 6am to sit out front of Good Morning America…and.. it was AWESOME.

I was front row – I was so close I could have plucked out Sam Champion’s grays without him ever knowing.

Did I not take the creepiest pics??

I’ve always been a huge GMA fan. My mom thought I was totally joking when I told her we were going to the show. She was so wrong. We were only two blocks from their studio, how could I not go??? Plus I got to see Nick Jonas?? I touched his shoulder and I could literally feel his body guard’s eyes piercing my skin ready to throw me across the street.

So totally successful trip!

My mom and I happily ate and drank our way through NYC and had an AMAZING time! I’m in absolute love with the culinary school I”m looking at. I seriously cannot wait to go! I’m about 99% positive I’m starting the first week in September…. ah!! I can’t believe I”m going to back to school again… and going back to a school where I get to do what I LOVE most! 8 hours a day learning all about healthy and sustainable cooking and nutrition?? Creating and experimenting in the kitchen all day long with awesome instructors and new foodie friends?? O wait… and in New York City?? This is like vacation or summer camp on steroids.

I could go on and on about the past few days, but instead how about a snack??
These little ooey gooey treasures are about the only thing that can keep my mouth shut at the moment… I am obsessed. If you like peanut butter, chocolate, gooey marshmallow, and crumbly graham crackers you are in for a treat! These babies have a rich graham cracker base with a warm smear of creamy peanut butter, gooey marshmallows, and topped in rich chocolate.
I saw the original recipe on Pinch of Yum (a DELICIOUS blog!) and knew I had to have them. Only I also knew that after a week munching my way through NYC my skinny jeans probably didn’t….so I played around a bit and came up with an irresistible lighter version with so much peanut butter and chocolatey marshmallow goodness you won’t be able to keep our hands way from the pan :)


Peanut Butter S’mores Bars

Yields 20 servings (serving size; 1 bar)
  • 2 tbs butter, plus 1 tbs, softened
  • 6 tsp brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
  •  2 tbs unsweetened applesauce
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • 2 tbs egg substitute
  • 1/2 cup all-purpose flour, plus 2 tablespoons
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • 3 full Graham Cracker sheets, crushed
  • 1 jar Marshmallow cream, 7 ounces
  • 5 tablespoons creamy peanut butter
  • 6 oz. semisweet chocolate
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Coat a 8×8 inch baking ban with cooking spray.
  2. Beat  2 tablespoons butter and sugars together until light and fluffy. Beat in applesauce, vanilla, and egg substitute until combined.
  3. Combine, flour, baking powder, and salt in a small bowl. Stir into butter mixture.
  4. Stir in graham cracker crumbs.
  5. Press dough into bottom of pan to make an even layer.
  6. Bake 20 minutes or until golden brown. Let cool completely.
  7. Melt peanut butter in microwave for 30-45 seconds, or until runny and drizzle over cooled graham cracker dough layer. Refrigerate 20 minutes, or until firm
  8. Spread marshmallow cream evenly over peanut butter layer (its easiest to drop spoonfuls evenly over peanut butter and then try and smooth).
  9. Heat chocolate and 1 tbs. butter in microwave until smooth and runny. Carefully drizzle over marshmallow cream layer and smooth with a rubber spatula.
  10. Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes, or until chocolate layer is hardened.

Let bars sit at room temperature for at least 10 minutes before cutting or else the chocolate layer will crack and you will not get even cut pieces.
*These babies are messy! Enjoy the same day for the best damage control. But if these are just for your own sticky fingers, enjoy 2-3 days in the refrigerator.

Nutrition Information (per bar); Calories: 151, Fat: 7 grams


  1. *squeal*!!! OMG! YOU HAVE TO TELL ME ALL ABOUT THE RESTAURANTS YOU WENT TO AND WHAT YOU ATE AND HOW IT WAS!!! Also–PB M&M’s are my fave, and I’m weirdly obsessed with M&M World in Times Square! We’re totally separated at birth ma’m! BUT NOT FOR MUCH LONGER BC YOU’RE MOVING HERE (probably) YAYYYYY! Sorry….a lot of excitement. Also–I love these pb s’mores bars! They look unreal! I remember seeing them on Pinch of Yum and I can’t believe you made them over! You’re amazing and you have to come help me be skinny like you please, k? K :P

    • Whipped Baking says:

      NEIGHBORS!!!! And if last week is any indication of when I move you’re in trouble girl because we’re both gaining 15 lbs together! The food in NYC is SO. GOOD. And its everywhere. How are all New Yorkers not obese?? I’m e-mailing you asap with details, so much fun!!!! ANd I’m seriously obsessed with Eataly and its literally 1 block from my culinary school. YUM!!

      • Yes, def. email me all the details! I’m living vicariously through you bc I can never justify spending the $ (or calories) to go to the millions of amazinggg places in NY! Like Eataly! I pass it all the time and never go in even though I want to soooo bad! All the walking helps with keeping off obesity ;) Lol.

  2. Wow Kristina congrats on going to culinary school in New York! That’s awesome!!

  3. I`M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! Congrats on the culinary school and moving to NYC!! It`s going to be TOO EXCITING! plus, i`m excited for all the new, delicious, and light recipes you`ll be posting as you learn! ♥

    & pb smores bar… if you haven`t got me before, you`ve definitely got me now! :D

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Hahah thanks Lynna! I’m so excited to go to school! I literally couldn’t stop smiling the whole time I was visiting :) But this just means I’m going to be practicing like crazy all summer so get ready for lots and lots of new yummy recipes!

  4. Mmmmm this looks like it’s such a fun dessert! I would love to have a themed dinner party called like “camping” or something and serve some gourmet baked mac and cheese with this dessert. You can come.

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Oooo I LOVE that idea!! Haha I’m inviting myself! I needddd some of those mac and cheese balls :)

  5. Can this get any better? I can’t wait to make these beauties, has all the ingredients that I love. Good Luke o out and all of your new adventures =)

    Take care

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Thanks Connie! Let me know if you do!! I LOVED these, they’re definitely best eaten right away though, they can get kinda messy! But thats an even better excuse to just dig right into the pan :)

  6. Haha, I love taking pictures of the news anchors when in NYC. This post made me laugh. I cannot wait to hear more about your trip.

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Hahah ok good, I’m glad someone else takes creepy pictures of anchors too :) Trip was so much fun too! I wish every day was vacation…

  7. These look DIVINE!!!

    I’m so excited to hear more about your new ventures.

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Thanks Jen!! haha ok here’s a little hint…. our hotel confirmation e-mail said May 28th…We showed up May 13th.

  8. its a chocolate covered fluffernutter….. xxoo

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Hahaha so true! Why is chocolate and peanut butter soooo good together??

  9. What a fun trip to NYC! Sounds like you have some really exciting plans in the works – can’t wait to hear more! :)

    • Whipped Baking says:

      It was sooo fun! The hardest part of this summer is going to be waiting to leave! Lots more to tell :)

  10. I knew you would enjoy NYC and I am glad you not only came across some delicious food but also had some time to test your paparazzi skills!
    Love your twist on the smore’s with peanut butter and toning down the fat count!
    Culinary school will be such fun and what better place to attend than in NY, I am excited for you!

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Thanks Tina!! Hahah I was such a paparazzi, only a really really horrible one….

  11. It sounds like you had so much fun. I want to go to NY for the restaurants and food alone. I seriously want to eat my way through NY. It looks like you had fun at the GMA shoot. Creepy? Not at all.

    These peanut butter s’mores look heavenly. The gooey marshmallow dripping out of the center is making my mouth water.

  12. Oh my goodness, so pinning this!! I have to make this, it sounds phenomenal! Great pictures too!

  13. Oh I am drooling over here!

  14. Kristina … You have been nominated for my NEW Food Stories Award for Excellence in Storytelling. Check out my site for the details (foodstoriesblog dot com).

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Aw thanks CJ!!!! I am so flattered!! Off to check it out :) Thank you so much!~

  15. Hey girl! I wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for a BRAND NEW blog award The Food Stories Award for Excellence in Storytelling (http://foodstoriesblog.com/food-stories-award/)

  16. i NEED to make these, these look so so amazing!

  17. Welcome back my friend, I hope you had a ton of fun in NYC :D
    These look like a smashing way to come back home!

    Choc Chip Uru

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Thanks Uru! I did have SO much fun! Happy to be back to baking though :) My mixer was lost without me all week!

  18. I am so jealous of your GMA trip! And that you’re going to culinary school. Quit living my dream life! LOL! :)

    These bar look amazing. I love that you lightened them up and I bet I could vegan-ize it pretty easily. Pinning them to try!

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Hahah you can always come with….. :) ! And thanks! I would LOVE the vegan-ized recipe! It would just be a couple swaps, just an egg and a bit of butter? Sounds good to me!

  19. Aww, Eataly was the last place we ate at before catching our flight to Guayaquil! Nice pics, btw. Stalkishly excellent! ;)

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Hahaha thanks :) I think I could totally have a second career as a paparazzi….

  20. I LOVE GMA! That is so cool that you got to see them! Also, that recipe sounds amazing! So glad you had so much fun!

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Thanks!! I’m such a Robin Roberts fan! I had the hardest time keeping my cool…. hence the horrible paparazzi pics :) haha

  21. You know, I’ve never tried a s’more (not being American and all) but I am certainly drawn to those flavours!

    Also, I’m most likely headed to NYC later in the year, and am so pleased you told me about the M&Ms store in Times Square – it’s something I would probably have missed. Thankyou, and great news on the culinary school :)

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Hahah o you need to go! Its super touristy – but if you can deal with crowds the unlimited M&Ms is worth the crazy! And you need to try a s’more!! You can even make one over your stove to save the hassle of the whole bonfire thing :) I used to do that all the time when I a kid

  22. I love your pictures. The random head shots are the best! lol I didn’t realize you were going to NYC to look at culinary schools…how exciting?! I can’t wait to see all the yummy recipes you’re going to come up with! And these smores bars look AMAZING! I’m not even a big smores fan but, this picture has me drooling! I wish you the best of luck in your new culinary adventure!

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Aw thanks Nichole! I’m sooo excited! Just finishing my app up hopefully today! I’m terribly good at procrastinating…. :)

  23. I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed my town. :) This is definitely the place to be if you love to eat and there’s no shortage of adventures to be had in New York. Ahh…to be young and single again in this town… :)

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Hahaha I’m seriously so excited!! Only something tells me I won’t be fine dining quite so much without my mom with me…. I’m thinking more like Life Cereal and Ramen noodles… :)

  24. New York is one of my favorite places in the world to visit. I’m really envious.

    Your s’mores bars look so good. Nothing like eating one of these because you get to lick the marshmallow you slobbed on your cheek an hour later. win

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Hahah so true! I love the gooey marshmallow, super messy but sooooo good :)

  25. Wow! These bars look amazing! It sounds like you had a great trip. I would love to go to NYC some day.

  26. Awesome pics!!You got to see them in person!You know I’ve lived close to ans still not very far from NY but I ‘ve never managed to see them!!
    You smores bars look so decadent!I ‘d love to take a bite right this minute :)

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Hahah ooo you need to go take creepy pics like me! It was a lot of fun :)

  27. I have to agree that NYC is the place to eat! My mom visited me here this weekend and we ate such good foods! Congrats on deciding to go back to school, especially for something you love! And thanks for sharing these bars, they look amazing.

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Thanks Vicki! Glad you liked my smokes bars :) And glad you and your mom had a good time too!!

  28. Glad you had a great time in NYC. Awesome s’mores idea. Can’t wait to try these out.

  29. So good to know you had a fabulous time in NY! Welcome back, K! Your PB s’more bars look heavenly. What a fantastic recipe you’ve treated us with as soon you came back. :)

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Aw thanks! good to be back :) Only I guess those smores bars were too much for my oven to handle…my oven broke yesterday! Lucky its getting repaired this afternoon :) I need my oven back!

  30. Love this post! Congrats on culinary school, I am sooo jealous!! I look forward to hearing more about your trip, I LOVE NYC!!! S’mores bars look delicious :)

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Thanks April!! I’m SO excited! Plenty more to tell you about too :) !!

  31. So glad you had a great time in NYC! And hooray for culinary school in September!

  32. Wow…NYC looks amazing…I’ve never been and I’ve still never made S’mores…I made have to remedy both of these very soon! :-)

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Hahah yes! You need to put both of those are the top of your to-do list asap, especially the S’mores!!

  33. I bet the peanut butter made it even better!

  34. oh gosh, wish i hadn’t seen this. SO delicious!!! now i’m going to want to make these all the time ;)
    xo TJ

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Hahah thanks TJ!! These were addicting! And the bad part is that since they’re so gooey you’ve got to eat them right away…aka perfect excuse to scarf down the pan :)

  35. omg that looks amazing with a glass of tea!

  36. just had to say again, that i ate some of these over the holiday weekend and they are even more delicious than i imagined!!! yum!
    xo TJ

  37. Good for you Kristina! This is exciting news and will be a WONDERFUL chapter in your life. Which culinary school are you thinking about?

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Thanks Monique! I’m so excited to go! It’s called the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts, have you heard of it? I was considering the French Culinary or Kendall but I really like how their program specializes in healthy and whole cooking, they go more into the philosophy of healthy cooking.

  38. Sounds like you had an adventure! And congrats on culinary school in NYC, it will be AMAZING for you, I’m sure! And don’t feel bad, Peanut Butter M&M’s are an addiction of mine, and I don’t apologize to anyone even if I AM counting calories. They’re not real calories if you share them, anyway.

    Can’t wait to make these s’mores bars!! They look decadent!

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Haha totally don’t count… I hear the blue M&Ms don’t have calories anyways.. :)

  39. Your photo is really irresistible! I have to try these..