Banana Layer Cake With Fudgy Frosting for my Birthday!

Happy Birthday…. to me!


It’s my 25th Birthday on Sunday and my Dad’s 35th…(give or take a couple decades, love you pop!)…. on Monday! So this weekend is absolutely jam packed with fun bday festivities!


Birthday’s are seriously the best.I’m celebrating with my friends tomorrow night then meeting up with my fam to go to the Bears game on Sunday… and sit at the 50 yard line! These tickets are crazy good! Then finishing up Monday on my dad’s bday for a big family dinner with my grandpa.

Not bad, huh? The only thing missing is…..

Cake! Lots of cake! Too much cake!


Which is exactly why I started eating cake on Wednesday. How else can I properly OD on birthday cake if I don’t start almost a full week in advance??

Luckily I made my very favorite cake EVER to ensure a full blown sugar coma come Monday. This cake is two layers of moist and tender banana cake, sandwiched with a rich and creamy chocolate fudge frosting, and then smothered in even more of that same addictive frosting.

I modeled this recipe after one of my favorite cake recipes by Abby Dodge. This lady has the most irresistible cookbook, The Weekend Baker. I swear, if I could eat only one thing for the rest of my life it really might be her banana cake with fudgy frosting.

So while I’m obsessed with her recipe -the butter, milk, and cream that she uses doesn’t sit as well in my old lady tummy as well as it did when I was 18…so I had to do some experimenting!


The final product was a deliciously moist and banana-y lower cal cake with the the creamiest fudge frosting that tastes EXACTLY like her fudgy frosting from her cookbook. I swear I am so proud of that frosting! It took me 6 tries and a few pounds chocolate to get this one perfect.. and it is perfect.



Happy Birthday Dad!



Cake recipe adapted from Cooking Light Magazine

Frosting recipe adapted from The Weekend Baker, by Abby Dodge


  1. This looks like an amazing birthday cake! :)

  2. Kristina,
    Have a great birthday! I ‘m sure that you could be in sugar coma eating all this yummy cake I love the sprinkles.

    How did your fam get tickets on the 50 yard line for the Bears game?? I’ll look for you on TV!!!!

    • Whipped Baking says:

      I’m so excited!! My uncle has season tickets, I got super lucky! I’ll try and do something obnoxious so you can pick me out on the screen.. :)

  3. Banana cake?! Why yes I want to eat it all! Minus the chocolate of course (weirdo me)…but gimme that cake all day!!

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Haha you and chocolate! You’re so WEIRD. But I still love you :) You could totally just make this with a cream cheese frosting and it would (almost) just as tasty!


    How precious is that photo of you and your dad!?

    You’re a genius. That cake and that frosting look absolutely drool-worthy, and you somehow many them all healthified. Amazingggg

  5. Happy birthday! What an amazing cake to celebrate with! That frosting looks tooo fudgy and addicting! I love that you used coconut milk in it too. Ahhh, it just looks SO good! Hope you and your dad have great birthdays!

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Thanks for the bday wishes Annie! Excited to get celebrating tonight! And I swear that coconut milk made the frosting – I used it to swap out the original condensed milk and it worked soo perfectly :)

  6. May I just first say that you are seriously gorgeous!! I am a little jealous of you and how pretty and tiny you are haha.

    Second, that cake…..THAT CAKE! I have to make it.

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Hahaa aw thanks darling! We’ll see how much longer that lasts after all this bday cake… :) Totally worth it, banana cake with fudgy frosting is seriously my favorite! You’ll have to let me know if you try! Have a great weekend!

  7. Happy Pre-Birthday! Beautiful pictures with your dad. I’m loving the ‘stache!

  8. Awe! The two photos are fabulous! Have a very happy birthday with lots and lots and lots of cake!

  9. Happy birthday chica! You did an AMAZING job on your cake! IT looks so moist and that frosting does look like chocolate perfection.

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Thanks Joanne! Can’t wait to celebrate tonight! Here comes round two of bday cakes… :)

  10. That’s an amazing looking cake. Happy Birthday to you Dad, those are two great pictures of you two :)

  11. Happy Happy Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  12. Happy 25th Birthday Kristina!! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! This looks like the perfect cake to celebrate! And I’m definitely bookmarking it because banana cake is my absolute favorite!

  13. happy birthday to you and your dad! such cute pictures of you two!! this sounds like an absolutely amazing birthday cake, love it!

  14. Awwww Happy birthday to you and your dad my friend :D
    What a delicious celebration!


  15. Happy birthday, Kristina! Your cake looks so yummy and festive. I want to reach through the screen for a sample of that fudgy icing!

  16. Kristina, you’re a hardcore cake eating machine :) I love that you started eating cake a week before your birthday; you sure know how to celebrate, and I’ll totally be doing that for my birthday next year. Happy belated birthday, girl!

    Your cake looks amazing!


    looks like you had a blastttt!! Plus, this cake must have made everything better! ^^

  18. HAPPY BIRTDAY! And WOW what a cake! It loks to die for!!! I def have to try your recipe! Thanks for sharing:-)

  19. Wow!! Happy birthday! That cakes look amazing!

  20. Looks delicious. Can I make the icing with normal butter?


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