“No-Stess” Cupcakes – Homemade Hostess!

Happy Friday!

Ok I promise this is the very last time I will say Birthday for at least the next couple months. I swear! I feel like over the past week and half every other sentence has began with cake and ended with birthday. Which is actually totally awesome. But 4 cakes and 5 lbs of sugar later I’m not quite seeing straight and a raw carrot is really sounding pretty good right now.

But the reason I have to mention Birthdays one… last… time… is because today I am guest posting over at one of my good foodie friend’s blog, Life On Food. Emily’s birthday happens to be the day after mine and the exact same as my dad’s! In honor of her birthday she did a whole week on cake recipes – so when she asked me to guest post (not knowing it was my birthday week too) it seemed too perfect not to indulge in one last cake recipe!

And how else to end a week of gorgeous bakery cakes…. but with an homage to Hostess Cupcakes?? Sorry Riverside Bakery! I know your fresh whipped cream is really angry with me right now. There’s just something about getting a cupcake out of a vending machine that is sitting next to lifesavers and Cheez-its that feels so wrong but tastes so right.


Ok, but mainly feels so wrong.

Which is why I made these totally vegan, totally chemical additive free, irresistible homemade mock Hostess cupcakes.

These little gems are moist chocolate cupcakes, stuffed with a smooth creme frosting, and topped in a rich chocolate ganache. I gave these out the other day and everyone was shocked after I told them they were vegan. These might be one of my favorite cupcake recipes posted on the blog! No joke, in serious love with this recipe! I wish I would’ve taken a picture after I bit into one so your could see the cream filling, oops! But its there, I swear, and its killer.


So go say him to one of my favorite little foodies, Emily, from Life on Food and check out the recipe for these “No-Stess” Cupcakes!


Total times I used the word birthday: 6. I have a problem.


  1. These turned out beautifully! I can’t believe they’re vegan, either!

  2. Now all I can think about is fresh whipped cream.


  3. these sound/look 10x better then store bought hostess cakes

  4. These are so cute!

  5. Too adorable my dear!!

  6. My husband loves these cupcakes. I think I will be saving this recipe for me. It is only a month away. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe with me and joining cake week. It was great fun to have you be a part of the deliciousness.

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Thanks for inviting me! It was a lot of fun sharing our birthdays :) I really do love this recipe so I”m excited to hear what you think!

  7. oh gosh these are so adorable!

  8. I’ll let you say “birthday” again at the end of November when it’s my birthday, k?

    Too cute.

  9. You are once again my hero :D


  10. What a great vegan version! I can’t wait to make!

  11. I saw these beauties on Emily’s blog! Wow…perfectly done!

  12. How cute are these cupcakes! Can’t believe they’re vegan!

  13. You have me craving one of these beautiful little better-than-Hostess cupcakes! In my world, you can’t over use the word “birthday.” I can’t wait to make these.

  14. Wow.. these look amazing.. I have to try this…!!!!

  15. I used to LOVE these as a kid! Your recipe looks soo good.

  16. These are darling!!!!!

  17. These just make me way too happy. I am grabbing the recipe so I can make these before my doctor drops the hammer on my diet. Lol!

  18. These are so cute!!!

  19. Ohhh these look so beautiful! You make me jealous with your baking skills hehe :)