Simple Balsamic Roasted Vegetables and a Frigidaire Giveaway!!

O-MY-Goodness. Thanksgiving is less than 2 weeks away guys! I swear last week was September.

Now I know when we think of Thanksgiving we usually think pumpkin pie… creamy mashed potatoes… stuffing (my favorite!) and any other kind of vegetable with can sautee in butter and bake in cream. Sweet potato casserole! Ugh. Yum.


But there is something so comforting and irresistible about simple roasted vegetables with turkey dinner. Its like when fancy french restaurants give you that minty ice-cream in between courses to ‘cleanse your palate’? But the minty ice cream is really the best part?? In between all those heavy Thanksgiving dishes its so nice to have a lighter healthy veggie side.

So while I was trying to figure out how to kick off my Thanksgiving recipes on the blog, I couldn’t see any better way than with the most classic and foolproof  Thanksgiving recipe – Simple Balsamic Roasted Vegetables. Start to finish these veggies can be on the table in 35 minutes. And 25 of those minutes are you flipping through magazines (or sprinting around the kitchen on turkey day) while they roast in the oven.


The balsamic flavor is not overwhelming – this dish is really about letting the fresh vegetables shine. The vinegar offers a nice tangy note to the sweet carrots, sweet potatoes, and savory parsnips. Make sure to cut all your vegetables evenly to ensure they all cook at the same time. You don’t want burnt carrots and raw sweet potatoes!


$30 Frigidaire Gift Code Giveaway!!


So to help kickoff the official start of Holiday recipes I am also doing a Frigidaire Giveaway Today (November 10th) through Friday, November 16th!!

The fabulous people of Frigidaire have given me one $30 Gift Code to giveaway towards any of their products! And we all know cooking and bakeware is essential to the holidays! If you want to check out the cool stuff you can buy check out their website here:

 How Do You Enter the Giveaway?


To win you must do all three:

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3. Comment below with your favorite Thanksgiving side dish!

I will announce the winners on Sunday, November 18th!





  1. Already like your page on FB

  2. already follow you on twitter

  3. My favorite thing on Thanksgiving is my mom’s stuffing… I have no idea how she makes it though. I’ll be sure to ask this year :)

  4. SWEET POTATOES. yum cooked down with some brown sugar and some butter. delicious. my mom makes them delicious everytime but doesn’t seem to have a strict recipe. and of course when I make it, it just isn’t as good.

  5. Rachael H. says:

    Favorite side dish is definitely stuffing! :)

  6. Rachael H. says:

    Follow on facebook!
    Rachael Hardison

  7. Rachael H. says:

    Follow on twitter! @raehardison

  8. Ha! You and I were sharing a brain this week because I made almost the exact same recipe after a violent roasted veggie/balsamic vinegar urge :)

    Very generous giveaway darling! I’ve liked you on facebook! As for my favorite Turkey day side dish, LOVE me some candied sweet potatoes!

  9. Such pretty veggies!

    But, you know me, mashed potatoes are my favorite Thanksgiving side dish :D
    (and of course I like and follow youuu!)

  10. Not entering the contest but I wanted to let you know I stopped by … By the way, interesting take on the balsamic for roasted veggies … Got to try this :-)

  11. My favorite side dish is green bean casserole, but with fresh beans, homemade onion topping, and bacon!

  12. Lovely! I do love roasted veggies. But I just can’t get enough of the sweet potato casserole on Thanksgiving. And the rolls. Obvs.

    (And you know I already follow, like, and love you!)

  13. Mashed potatoes! (I already follow you on facebook and twitter!)

  14. creamed corn —- YUM!!! (maybe not the most healthy, per say, but tradition rules on this holiday!)

  15. Nothing beats a gorgeous roasted veggie! This looks like something I would gobble up in no time!

  16. Gorgeous veggies! I love balsamic

  17. I love roasted veggies!!!! specially mashed sweet potatoes!

  18. You’re right – this would be perfect alongside roast turkey for Thanksgiving! Balsamic is such a yummy complement too for the roast veggies too! :)

  19. my favorite thanksgiving side dish is cranberry relish.

  20. I love roasting vegetables, so easy and so good. Will have to try adding some balsamic vinegar next time. I usually add some to roasted brussels sprouts, but not other roasted vegetables.

  21. My favorite Thanksgiving side dish is DEFINITELY mashed potatoes. DELICIOUS.

  22. I already follow you on facebook

  23. I already like you on twitter

  24. Wait! I got that backwards. I ‘Like’ you on facebook and follow you on twitter. My favorite side dish for thanksgiving? My late grandmother’s wild rice stuffing.

  25. I like you on FB

  26. I follow on Twitter.

  27. I love love love sweet potato casserole. Marshmallows a must! My Thanksgiving is sweet potato casserole.

  28. 1. Done :)
    2. Done :)
    3. Hmm…sweet potatoes!

  29. Mmmm roasted vegetables like this are absolutely the best :D


  30. my favorite Thanksgiving side dish is sweet potatoes :)

  31. I like you on Facebook
    kesha gooding

  32. I follow you on twitter

  33. My favorite Thanksgiving side dish is Candied Yams! Yummy!


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