Pumpkin Cream Pie

So the awesome part about being a food blogger is that I get to eat pie. On a Wednesday night. And its totally normal.


The not-so-awesome part about being a food blogger….is that I get to eat pie. On a Wednesday night. And I think its totally normal.


Haha whoa! 4 pumpkin pie recipes, a zillion tweaks, and a mild sugar coma later – I have the absolute easiest. yummiest. creamiest. pumpkin pie recipe ever.

I love how the simplest recipes are always the best. I fussed over the stove…. boiling milk… emulsifying corn starch… burning the bottoms of every saucepan in my kitchen.. yikes! But the recipe that I liked the most was a no-bake filling. Stir with a spatula. Throw in the fridge for a few hours. easy-peasy recipe.

Like the kind of recipe your grandma ripped off the back of a cream cheese box in 1935 and still stashes in her kitchen drawer.


At just 193 calories per slice, I’m even more in love. Plus it literally takes more time to get the ingredients out of the fridge and pantry than it does to mix up the filling. So with all your extra time  you can make an apple pie! And a chocolate pie…. and a pecan pie….LOVE the Holidays!

Nutrition Information (per slice); Calories: 193, Fat: 7 grams


  1. Hey, it’s not so bad eating pie on a Wednesday night! LOL. This low-fat pumpkin cream pie looks fantastic!

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Thanks Eva! I polished this off in two days… embarrassing :) It was delish! Have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow!!

  2. Haha seriously! I have justified ice cream for breakfast! Love this pie.

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Hahha! Ok thanks for making me feel much better :) That’s the hard part about baking in the morning… definitely got into the M&Ms at 9 am today….

  3. This looks sooo good! I love the smell, the look and even the taste! But I have never been able to like the texture of pumpkin pie. Yours looks so beautiful though!

    • Whipped Baking says:

      O no! I LOVE pumpkin pie. Its my absolute favorite! Haha I guess the texture is a little funky, kinda like a thick custard? But sooo yummy :)

  4. Make and eat ALL the pies! (Love that this one is easy!)

  5. This looks incredible! I love pumpkin anything!

  6. Oh, gosh, I am now in the mood for PIE! Creamy, dreamy pumpkin pie!!! Beautifully done, my friend!

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Thanks Liz! I can’t wait for tomorrow… and more pie! My apple pie just came out of the oven and I cannot wait :) Have a great Thanksgiving!!

  7. i hear ya, but it’s a pretty sweet gig! ;) considering the result is this amazing pie…. i hope you keep at it girl! :-)

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Hahaha o no, definitely not stopping me. I’m always for more pie. Even if my jeans aren’t…

  8. You’re so smart! This pumpkin cream pie looks so wonderful and delicious-and love that it’s no bake! So easy!

  9. This is wonderful! I’ve found my pie recipe for Thanksgiving. I feel like licking the screen!

  10. very similar to my Mom’s recipe which after many tears of thinking it was gone forever I found….. plus yours helped me when hers said stuff like “can of pumpkin” you know who needed sizes back then LOL!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Whipped Baking says:

      haha! I’ve got a few of those too from my mom too :) Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! And eat lots of pumpkin pie! I already made my apple pie tonight, can’t wait to dig in!

  11. Ah, the perks of being a food blogger. I’m constantly giving food away to prevent me from consuming every piece of pie, cookie, cake, and brownie. It’s one delicious life.

    This pie looks amazing, and I can’t believe it’s only 193 calories per slice. Yum!