Skinny Maple-Pecan Sweet Potato Casserole and Turkey Day Survival Tips

2… more… days… till THANKSGIVING!

The one day of the year that is completely dedicated to food. Literally. We’re supposed to give some thanks in there but lets be serious. Its all about the turkey. gravy. pumpkin pie. and SWEET POTATO CASSEROLE!

(At our cooking demo last week!)

However, us smart, savvy, gorgeous ladies (and you studly guys) also know that Thanksgiving is a day of diet sabotaging land mines that don’t just sneak up on you – they’re literally put in front of your face. So I decided to call in the reinforcements! Ashley is here today to give us Turkey Day Survival Tips to help us navigate the tempting buffet line and keep us feeling healthy and confident the whole holiday through!

So I’m going to let Ash take it away, and after I’ll be back with an irresistible Skinny Maple-Pecan Sweet Potato Casserole with half the fat and calories of traditional recipes. Not bad, huh?


Hi everyone!

You can easily fulfill your entire day’s worth of calories in one sitting on Thanksgiving! With an endless buffet of high fat and high calorie dishes, it can seem like healthy eating is the ultimate challenge.  However, it is possible to make healthy choices that will prevent you from   completely sabotaging your diet.

Tips for keeping your calorie count in check:

1.)   Start the day off with a healthy breakfast and eat a light lunch to help prevent overindulging at dinner.

2.)   Have low calorie foods on hand to nibble on before dinner so that you are not starving when you sit down to eat (i.e. fresh veggies, unsalted nuts).

3.)   Avoid appetizers, snacks and finger foods.  Save your calories for the main meal!

4.)   Limit yourself to one plate.  If you’re going to go round 2 on something, make it the turkey (light meat).  It is one of the only Thanksgiving dishes that is low in carbohydrates and high in protein.

5.)   Eat slowly and drink water in between bites.  If you are thinking of going up for seconds, give yourself a few minutes to digest first and make sure you are actually still hungry.

6.)   Roast your turkey.  Avoid frying or adding extra fat during cooking.  Remove the skin before eating.  Choose the light meat over dark meat.

7.)   Take very small portions or samples of several dishes to you are not completely depriving yourself.

8.)   Eat your vegetables.  Filling up on non-starchy vegetables will help keep you from over eating other high calorie dishes (side salad, squash, carrots, green beans).



Wondering the calorie count on some of your favorite dishes?? Below is a great website that gives the average caloric value for some favorite Thanksgiving dishes.  This can help you plan out your meal choices ahead of time.

So are we all ready to make smart choices on Turkey Day??

And don’t think that smart choices mean sacrificing all the delicious flavor you love!


Its all about finding the right recipes – That’s why I created this Skinny Maple-Pecan Casserole recipe. It’s got all the creaminess, all the flavor, and all the sweet maple syrupy goodness you want… for just 188 calories per serving! Compare that to traditional Sweet Potato Casserole….

Traditional Sweet Potato Casserole: 624 calories

My Skinny Sweet Maple-Pecan Sweet Potato Casserole: 188 calories


And the winner of my Frigidaire Giveaway is….Lynna!

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  1. Love the survival guide ;) lol!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks for the tips!

  3. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here which makes me sad. But in the UK, turkey is traditionally our Christmas meal so all this talk of turkey makes me feel festive! The maple pecan sweet potato casserole sounds so different, yet delicious.

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful thanksgiving.

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Thanks Lisa! And haha sorry we’ve been taunting you with all our turkey recipes :) Christmas is coming…hang in there!

  4. How did you know that I HATE sweet potato casseroles that have marshmallow on top? GROSS. This is the kind of sweet potato casserole that I love. :-)

    • Whipped Baking says:

      hahah so do I! My dad LOVES them though. He gets crabby every year when I refuse to make them :)

  5. Words cannot explain how much I love this. LOVE the pecans on top. Great idea!

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Thanks Julie! :) The pecans are my favorite, I love the crunch with the creamy mashed potatoes!

  6. What a lovely way to spice up the sweet potato original, I hate the marshmallow one!

  7. I love this!! Looks absolutely incredible :)

  8. Looks and sounds delish! Might be my T-giving contrubition this year… minus the egg and brown sugar (eggs aren’t vegan and generally sugar isn’t either depending on how it was processed and if it’s origin is sugar cane or beets.)

    Much better and healither than the traditional with a layer of sugar or marshmallow’s or candied yams!

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Thanks Alice! And tastier :) I’ve never been a fan of the marshmallows top, your version sounds delish too! You can definitely get away without the egg and the brown sugar on top

  9. Sweet potato casserole is what I look forward to the most at Thanksgiving!

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Its Ashley’s FAVORITE. So I had to make it :) I love mashed potatoes but I”m all about the stuffing, I’m making two kinds this year haha

  10. I love your healthy version of sweet potato casserole with no marshmallows in sight! It sounds delicious :) Great survival guide for Thanksgiving too!

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Thanks Jen! Haha and def no marshmallows! No way. Even though my dad begs me every year…. :)

      Hope you have a fabulous holiday! With lots and lots of good food :)