Best Chewy Sugar Cookies and Enter Kristina and Kayle’s Christmas Cookie Exchange!

Yay! It’s officially Christmas season!…which means its officially time to dust off those cookie cutters and start baking Christmas Cookies :)

My pantry is already embarrassingly overflowing in chocolate chips, sugar, and these adorable little santa cupcake holders that were on sale at Bed Bath & Beyond. I’m a sucker for cookies, and an even bigger sucker for cute things with bright orange Sale! tags on them…


So in the spirit of Christmas and all things sweet, nice, and delicious, I have a very special announcement to make…..


Kayle from The Cooking Actress and I are hosting our 1st cyber Christmas Cookie Exchange together!



Starting today, Dec. 5th, Kayle and I are inviting all of you! Yes you! to join our Christmas Cookie Exchange! We want you to bring your favorite cookie recipe and link it up at the bottom of either my post below or over on Kayle’s delicious blog to share your favorite recipes.

….And now, this isn’t just any kind of cookie exchange ladies and gents. This is the kind where you don’t just walk out with some fabulous cookie recipes… you can also walk out with a $10 Starbuck’s Gift Card! We want you to bring your tastiest and most irresistible  cookie recipe not just because we want to drool over your delicious pictures – but because we want you to help crown the Queen of Cookies at the end of this exchange by voting on each others recipes!

On Dec. 13th we are going to start a voting period where everyone can vote on their favorite submitted Christmas cookie. Voting will end on December 15th at 11:59 pm. The winner will be announced on December 16th and receive a Starbucks Gift card for $10!

Official Cookie Exchange Directions!


1. Today (Dec. 5th) Starts Kristina & Kayle’s Christmas Cookie exchange! Enter your favorite cookie recipes by linking up your cookie posts to either the bottom of my post here or over at Kayle’s blog, The Cooking Actress. You can use new or old posts as long as they’re delicious cookies!

2. December 13th starts the voting period where you all can vote on your favorite cookie recipe. You can vote by coming back to this post and clicking the ‘vote’ button below the individual pictures. Voting ends December 15th at 11:59pm.

3. December 10th a very special cookie related GIVEAWAY!

3. December 16th we will announce the winner of the Cookie Exchange Contest who will receive a Starbucks Gift Card for $10!


Dont’ have a blog? Send me a pic of your favorite cookie and recipe to my e-mail,, and Kayle and I will share your pics on our Facebook pages! Unfortunately you are not eligible for the gift card (because we have no way of voting for your recipe) but we would LOVE to be able to share your yummy recipes too!

So to kick-off the cookie exchange, I wanted to start by sharing my absolute favorite chewy sugar cookie recipe. I found these in Fine Cooking last year and ever since I’ve fallen head over heels for these little puffy chewy sugary goodies! If you make one cookie recipe from my blog, you guys have got to try these! These are definitely a crowd pleaser!


  1. Yayyyyyyyy!!!! :D

  2. Linked! Yay!! How fun :-)

  3. So excited! I love to get new cookie ideas!! How many recipes are we allowed to link up? I have already linked up one (it’s my favorite)!! :)

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Those cookies look fabulous Becky!! YUM! And you can link up as many as you want :) The more the merrier!

  4. These look so good!! And what a fun idea!

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Thanks!! I loved the idea of getting everyone’s yummy recipes in one place :) I”m always looking for cookie inspiration over the holidays!

  5. What a great idea!! Last year, I made a cookie that was TO DIE FOR delicious. Mint chocolate rugelach, adapted from the chocolate rugelach on Just A Taste.

  6. Thanks for hosting such a fun event!

  7. Oh, what an awesome idea! I`m totally loving it. Can`t wait to see all the recipes!!

  8. Linked up!! so fun :)

  9. Yay, the cookie exchange sounds like sooo much fun. Now I’mma going to have to bust out the Christmas cookie cutters again too.

    And your sugar cookies look so perfect too. I just made lump of coal sugar cookies that were perfectly chewy too. They’re even more yummier chewy chewy, I think.

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Chewy are my favorite! We make two different sugar cookies at my house… crunchy and chewy. Because no one in my family can agree on one recipe :) Can’t wait to see what you come up with! You always make the prettiest things!

  10. Yayyy…I am looking for a chewy sugar cookie!! Definitely adding this to the cookie list this year!

  11. Well I’m excited to check out everyone’s cookie recipes! I’m not a huge cookie person but the one I linked up, the Surprise Cookies, are simply amazing. The cookies are borderline brownie like and the topping and inside of a marshmallow puts it over the top, you guys should check it out.

    I LOVE the chewy sugar cookie recipe you posted Kristina and I am totally pinning it for reference! :)

    • Whipped Baking says:

      I LOVE surprise cookies! I’ve been wanting to make them so bad! Will definitely be trying yours out :) They sound fabulous!

  12. Oh man what a fun idea! I will have to think about what recipe I want to submit.

  13. SO much yumminess here! I shouldn’t be drooling over cookies right before I head to bed :) Love your sugar cookies, too!

    • Whipped Baking says:

      haha! Just like I shouldn’t be responding to cookie comments at 9am… yum ! :) Your thumbprints looked so good too Liz! Hope you have a great holiday!!

  14. I just read this exciting news over at Kayle’s and had to come take a look at the delicious cookies you’re featuring for the cookie exchange. You know I’ll be entering this delicious exchange (as soon as I get home to my computer, that is).

    These cookies look so yummy. I love chewy sugar cookies. Yum!

  15. Your cookies look absolutely gorgeous my friend :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  16. Love this little linky party! So many good recipes!

  17. I linked up another cookie recipe ;) yay!

  18. Thank you for hosting this cookie exchange. I always look forward to seeing what your next delicious sweet treat will be. Sugar cookies are a favorite! Happy baking this season:)

  19. Kerri Kalinski says:

    Here is my FAVORITE cookie recipe for your cookie exchange…it’s the best peanut butter cookie recipe I know!

    Peanut butter cookie recipe:

    14 ounce sweetened condensed milk (Low fat condensed milk if you prefer a lighter recipe)
    2 cups bisquick
    2/3 cups peanut butter
    granulated sugar
    candy kisses (dark chocolate are my personal favorite!)

    preheat oven to 375 degrees
    beat milk and peanut butter until smooth add bisquick and vanilla. mix well. roll in sugar. place 2 inches apart on ungreased cookie sheet.
    Bake 6 to 8 minutes. press candy kiss in immediately when removed from oven.

  20. Linked mine too :) So much fun!!
    ps-love your first pic!Absolutely gorgeous!!

  21. Can’t wait to participate in the Christmas cookie exchange next year! What an awesome idea. And I love this recipe for chewy cookies. I adore soft cookies. Nothing is better!

  22. What a great idea! Here are my Acorn Cookies- a family favorite and so delish :)


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