Southwest Turkey Bacon Burgers with Avocado Spread


Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all had fabulous weekends! How many of you are just starting your work week today?? And be honest…

I was watching the news yesterday morning and they said 1.5 million Americans called in sick last year the day after the Super Bowl… which is HILARIOUS. Another 4.4 million came in late. I think this is another instance where our forefathers didn’t have the foresight to predict the importance of Budweiser, chili, and chicken wings on our national allegiance ….plus they were better equipped to deal with hangovers in 1787. Those were the days of moonshine and no McDonalds McMuffins for the morning after. Ben Franklin in 2013 would drain a keg and solve our natural energy crisis.


But they were missing one thing back in the 1800s… Super Bowl Commercials. And Beyonce. That Taco Bell “Viva Young” commercial was TOO funny! I hope when I’m that age I can still rock a black unitard like Beyonce and stomach a 4am taco bell run w/my best friend Phyllis from Sunnyside Nursing Home.. so to brighten your first day (I won’t tell!) back to work, here’s my favorite two commercials from Sunday!

Samsung Mobile USA – The Next Big Thing

The Big Pitch is here! In our complete ad for the 2013 Big Game, Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd make their pitch to represent The Next Big Thing. Vote, then share your favorite moment on Twitter using #TheNextBigThing.

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Viva Young – 2013 Taco Bell Game Day Commercial

Bernie Goldblatt and his old school amigos from The Glencobrooke Retirement Home “Live Mas” when they sneak out for a wild night they’ll never forget.

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But all of this talk about Taco Bell, Doritos, and fast food commercials has got me craving some comfort American food like crazy! All I’ve wanted this week is a big burger, fries, and a gigantic vat of ketchup. This Southwest Turkey Bacon Burger with Avocado Spread was the absolute answer to my drive-thru cravings! Plus its sooo much healthier (and delicious!) than giving in to a Big Mac – low fat lean turkey, fresh tomatoes, lettuce, and a creamy avocado spread take this burger over the top.


I am OBSESSED with this burger guys! The crunch of the bacon with the creamy avocado and spicy burger are so. freaking. yummy.





Burger patty recipe adapted from Cooking Light Magazine 



  1. Mmmm what a pretty burger! And I love that commercial too! heheheeee


  3. GO Bears! Are you a Bear’s fan too?? :) I love those statistics – I wish I would have called in sick! Maybe we should plea for a National Holiday? These burgers look like the perfect all-American fare.

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Haha yes! Are you Chicago too?? And perfect – lets start the petition. Does that work for the day after Thanksgiving too? And my birthday… ? haha

  4. This burger is right up my ally! I actually haven’t made this kind of turkey burger yet…but bacon and avocado-count me in!

  5. I adore avocado on turkey burgers, definitely need to make these

  6. Mmmm, I love turkey burgers. Your version sounds like something I need to try this weekend!

  7. I love having my burgers with avocado spread on top with a nice balance of veggies to meat ratio. Those turkey burgers look delicious :)

  8. Fantastic burger! The bacon and avocado take it over the top for sure.

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Thanks Kristi! Its definitely all about the bacon and avocado, I think the burger was just my excuse to eat them together :)

  9. Um, love the idea of an avocado spread. Definitely gonna do this at home. Maybe even without the sour cream? It’ll replace the mayonnaise I usually slap on. Thanks for sharing!

    • Whipped Baking says:

      You could definitely try it w/out the sour cream, just cut down on the rest of the ingredients, especially the lemon juice :) It’ll be way too lemony! Haha and I’m with you, I have a horrible habit of loading on the mayo… I love condiments!

  10. This is amazing!!! I love love turkey burgers and then add in avocado?? NOMS girlfriend, NOMS!

  11. Kristina, yum!!! This looks like something you’d get at a nice restaurant!


  12. this is an awesome burger Kristina!! i adore turkey burgers, i need to add this to the rotation!

  13. Hahaha…love that you added the Go Bears! I love your burgers and the avocado spread is genius!!!

    PS…yes, you can make the mascarpone cream ahead of time, then just stuff your berries the day you’re going to serve them :)

  14. gorgeous burger!! We were just discussing why the superbowl isn’t held on Saturday… c’mon NFL let’s be real haha.

  15. Oh my, now I am craving a turkey burger!! Might have to put these on the weekend menu. Or at least find something to transport that avocado spread into my mouth.