Chocolate Heart Cupcakes for Valentine’s Day



The secret Martha Stewart in me gets so excited for holidays! I love any and every excuse to go a little OCD domestic on some cupcakes. If I had all the time and piping bags in the world, plus a magic pill that negated every cookie I ate…I would be finagling corny baked goods for every holiday on the calendar – Casimir Pulaski to Garbage Day. 

Needless to say I couldn’t help myself for Valentine’s Day…! And I so wish that I could take credit for the adorable design, but I found the idea on Glorious Treats while I was googling new ideas for this monthly recipe board I do for a doctor’s office. These are so simple to make, but look like you’ve spent hours. Not that any less love was baked into them! Probably more love…the proportion of frustration to love in my cupcakes goes up with every extra bowl to clean… :) Fact.


So if you’re looking for a cute dessert to make for your sweetie, kid’s 4th grade classroom, or best friend, these adorable little cupcakes cover all the bases! I posted a scratch cupcake recipe but you can definitely use a boxed mix to cut down on time. I’ll be posting another Valentine’s Day inspired treat on Monday so get ready for some full on chocolate loving until the 14th! 

Happy Baking!




Here’s a chocolate cupcake recipe that I am OBSESSED with! Super moist, light, and rich. These are not lower cal like the recipe above but totally worth the splurge!! Yes… they have mayonnaise in the ingredient list. And Yes… they are amazing. Found this recipe in the new Baked cookbook, Elements.



(How I used my extra heart cutouts :)



  1. These are too adorable! Love the heart centers with frosting..

  2. So pretty! The dusting of powdered sugar reminds me of a fun, snowy day.

  3. SOOOOO CUTE!! You’re a doll!!

  4. These cupcakes are so festive, and I love pink heart cutouts. Pinning

  5. OMG, these cupcakes are the cutest things EVER! Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday so I love anything with cute red or pink hearts and chocolate :)

  6. These are adorable. You gotta do it up for Valentine’s Day.

  7. These look ADORABLE! I wish I had some creative Martha Stewart in me!

  8. so cute…

  9. So cute, and so simple! Love it!

  10. These cupcakes are so super adorable! And they look so professional. My baked goods never turn out so well. Great job.

  11. Dear Kristina,

    I love you. Please be my Valentine. You make the cutest yummiest chocolate heart cupcakes.


  12. What a smart way to use the leftover heart cut-outs!! they look adorable atop those cupcakes. And the cut-outs look out of this world impressive :D YUM

  13. These are so cute Kristina!! Love the cut-out version and the idea of a lower-calorie cupcake!

  14. Such a cute idea. I totally get inspired by Martha for the corny holidays, for example today I just dropped 30 bucks on Valentine’s Day cut-outs and paper at Michaels. Damn you Martha!!!! I hope my friends appreciate the homamde crafts they are getting in the mail. If only shipping food was cheaper, I would pack a batch of these babies up for sure!

  15. These are so cute and perfect for Valentines Day :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  16. This is a adorable and sweet idea.
    Happy valentine.

  17. Those are so adorable and eye catching. I’ve never seen such a cleaver cupcake!

  18. Very cute! Was trying to decide what to bake for Valentine’s day, so thanks for the ideas!

  19. These are so cute! I love holidays too. Valentine’s Day has is definitely in the top 5.

  20. I LOVE these! Totally stealing this idea for next year. :)


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