Baked Powdered Sugar Doughnut Holes – Easter Bunnies!


Can you all believe the first day of Spring was this week??

I kind of feel like someone is lying to us. Like they know we’re all getting super antsy with this crazy snowy weather. So to keep us calm they decided to announce it was the first day of spring.


Didn’t fool me weatherman!


I know snow when I see snow. As long as I have to zip up my  winter boots and apply chap stick like an addict it is still winter.



Luckily Easter is right around the corner! And nothing melts the mean snow better than sunny spring flowers, jelly beans, and Easter Bunny Powdered Sugar Doughnut Holes! How cute is that little face??


Me and my spastically disorganized baking supply drawer have become better BFFs the longer I’m stuck inside. Candy eyes? Check! Marshmallow bunny ears? Yes please!

I just want to warn you all that making these little cuties is not for the fainthearted. He is actually a huge pain in the butt to make. Nothing really sticks to powdered sugar so you have to be careful to dust off the places you want to pipe frosting before you decorate.


BUT, what is equally adorable – and a million times less work – is to just make a couple bunnies and then leave the rest undecorated (just powdered sugar) and call them “Bunny Tails“! Totally adorable. Great for kids gift bags too – make individual bags of them to pass around at parties.



Bunny Tails!

Plus these are baked doughnut hole ‘muffins’ – so way lower cal than traditional doughnut holes! Super easy to make too. Just pour the batter into mini muffin tins and then roll the baked doughnut holes in powdered sugar once they’re done. Easy peasy. They also taste great rolled in cinnamon-sugar! Just the powdered sugar is a bit more festive :)


Enjoy guys! And have a great weekend!!

doughnut holes








  1. STOPIT these are TOO CUTE. Also, I totally feel ya on only decorating a couple. Or just inhaling the bunny tails before anyone knew they existed at all…but that’s probably just me in my single-lady apartment. ;-)

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Haha right there with you darling :) I was divvying them all up to hand out to friends and it was always 1 for you… 3 for me… 1 for you….

  2. Kristina these are ADORABLE!! I wish we celebrated Easter more than once a year so I could make them all the time heehee. Powdered sugar donut holes are my favorite kind at Dunkin Donuts, and now I can make them look like fluffy bunnies! My life is complete. ;)

    Enjoy your weekend!

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Haha u r too sweet jess! Powdered sugar are my favorite too! But only donut holes… regular donut size I’m all about the white frosting with sprinkles.. Mmm.. mmmmm

  3. Well, these are just the cutest! I’m with you… It’s cold! Come on spring!

  4. Too cute to eat but I would manage ;)

    Choc Chip Uru

  5. So super duper cute! I kind of wish it was Easter this weekend.

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Almost! I just tested another brunch recipe today too – I’m going to be Easter’d out by next weekend :)

  6. These are SO cute!!! Love love love em

    But uh yeah, I totally have a bone to pick with the weatherman


  7. Thanks so much for posting these – my boyfriend and I made a batch while cooking Easter brunch for family and everyone had so much fun decorating them – they literally got creative for hours and placed all their animals (we branched out from bunnies to include baby chicks, pigs and cats) on a plate for display.

    We were a little confused by the yogurt and milk/buttermilk measurements and instructions, but the dough came out OK – a little biscuit-like but perfect for this activity.

    Thanks again for a great recipe! Hop you had a great Easter :)

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Aw I love that you guys made all kind of animals! Too cute! And yes – these are doughnut ‘muffins’ so they’re definitely a bit denser than a traditional fried doughnut. But also be careful about over mixing the batter – if you over mix at the end your dough will end up tough and more biscuit like. Hope you had a great Easter too!!