Turkey Sloppy Joes


Ooooo I love sloppy joes! Everything about them.


They’re the perfect sweet and tangy comfort food. They have that kind of 1950s nostalgia where there’d be a commercial with some elementary school kid spilling red sauce all over his newly pressed white tshrit and his mom just smiling and shaking her head…so much love for the sloppy joe!


Ok only I have to admit that my sloppy joe nostalgia doesn’t usually jump to prepubescence, braces, and training bras; I go straight to college. And making the four hour drive home from U of I, car overflowing in 2 months worth of dirty laundry, a backseat of hungover carpoolers, and nothing in my belly except cafeteria bagels and peanut butter (always the safe choice!), late night pizza, and heartburn from energy drinks and cramming for finals.


On the way home, my mom would always call me halfway through the trip asking what I wanted for dinner when I got back (anything not out of a can, box, or frozen package, PULEASE!) and I would always ask for sloppy joes! I never really ate them as a kid, but in my early 20s I was obsessed. It was the ultimate comfort food after a solid college diet of processed deli meat and easy mac.



I still crave these little babies like crazy today! They are so easy – 40 minute meal, start to finish, and are great for kids.



To bump up the nutrition profile of traditional sloppy joes I snuck in some extra veg with finely chopped red pepper, swapped out ground beef for extra lean ground turkey, and cut the total amount of ground meat with a cup of red beans. Also, by choosing low sodium tomato sauce and beans you can take a little bit more control back on the salt shaker.


Plus, these are super kid-friendly and a great way to sneak in extra vegetables into their diet. You can experiment to0 – sub in a little chopped carrot, celery, or whatever else kind of veg you’d like!



Have a great weekend everyone!!


Nutrition Information per sandwich; Calories: 275, Fat: 3 grams





  1. Awww lol how sweet! Michael loves sloppy joes too, and I wouldn’t feel guilty feeding him this!

  2. Totally agree on the comfort level of these…YUM!

  3. Love these so much. My fiance is always on my case to make sloppy joes. I like this healthier version way better than the original. I love that you added beans.

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Thanks Dara :) I love that the beans kind of break of up the texture too? Adds some interest!

  4. U of I?! My fiance did his Grad degree there :-)

    There is something comforting about sloppy joes isn’t there? I have always loved them. Reminds me of being little :-)

  5. I think this would go so well with sweet homemade fries.
    A little sprinkle of brown sugar about 10 minutes before they are
    ready. Delicious.

    Of course it defeats the healthy side of things ;)

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Yum! totally agree, I actually made fries with my sloppy joes when I had it for dinner last week :) Baking your own fries is a yummy healthy alternative to fried!

  6. This recipe sounds great but you can add some broccoli slaw to the recipe when you cook it for even more added veggies to the recipe and it does not change the flavor! give it a try and see what you think.

  7. These sloppy Joe’s look insanely delicious. I prefer ground turkey over ground beef any day. Mmm, and I love that you added beans. Yum!


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