Hazelnut Cake with Milk Chocolate Frosting and a Wedding Shower


Hi! I’m home!

I’ve been trying desperately to avoid the fact that I’m home. But I think it happened?? Maybe if I just click my heels a couple times… few times? for 5 minutes?? I’ll wake back up in sunny California….


Nope. I don’t know what Dorothy’s got that I don’t. I even picked up a Yorky this week (I’m dog sitting for one of my friend’s for the next few months! SO. freaking. cute.) But that’s ok, I’ve actually been going through some serious kitchen withdrawal, I cannot wait to share my next post’s recipe with you guys!



(more vacation pics in next week’s post!)

So in the meantime while I settle back home, I want to brag all about the fabulous wedding shower I helped host last weekend! It was so much fun and so so pretty! I swear we should have had a “Party by Pinterest” disclaimer at the door – we found some of the CUTEST ideas and kind of went wild… its in my blood…. I can’t help it…


Sorry in advance for the endless photo album you’re about to scroll through, but it was too fun not to share!



 So you’ll see a bunch of these “Chalkboard Signs” I drew! They are so EASY. I didn’t even use chalkboard paint. I literally just drew chalk and pastels directly onto a black foam core board. The downside is that you can’t really erase, but the plus side is that its so incredibly quick and simple! If you’re worried about messing up just lightly trace with pencil first.



Sign for the guest book :)


shower flowers

 GORGEOUS flower arrangements from Twisted Stem! I wish I would have taken more pictures because the other arrangements were incredible!


Posing during prep time! This is my new favorite necklace – had to show it off :)


 The “Appetizer Bar” with bruschetta bar and more chalkboard signs.

bruschetta bar

 Here’s the “Bruschetta Bar“! This was one of my favorites. We made the tray by lining up little square bowls inside a wooden tray – super easy. We found them all at Home Goods and Hobby Lobby.



 Thank you Pinterest! Cute veggie and dip display.



 Booze. Yes please.



 Its too bad the lighting was so horrible by the end of the night, but the spread really looked very pretty! We set up the dinner bar in the dining room.



 Made my Caprese Sandwiches with Balsamic Vinaigrette again.. sooo yummy!




And my #1 favorite part!! The Dessert Bar! The Chocolate Hazelnut cake was soooo good! I’m sharing the recipe below, it’s not mine but so incredibly worth sharing!


I had a hard time getting a good pick in the dark but you get the gist! The dessert Chalkboard sign was my favorite :)

We all had such a great time! Very happy bride and groom :) All that’s left to show you guys is the recipe to the Hazelnut Cake with Milk Chocolate Frosting! I found it in my Sono Baking Company cookbook – if you don’t have it you NEED this one. Best baking book ever. 




  1. Great job on the wedding shower! The decorations were super cute and the food looked amazing. That cake looks phenomenal! Did you save me a slice? =)

  2. Cute!! We did the chalkboard signs for my bestie’s wedding – they turned out so cute! Although I like the idea of not futzing with the chalkboard paint – that would really speed up the process. That dessert bar looks amazing!

  3. I totally am in love with your necklace.

    Also-ummmm I want you to plan my bridal shower, omg so fun and gorgeousness!

    just like you :)

  4. What a fabulous shower. I love that dessert bar and all of the chalkboard menus. You are so talented. This cake looks divine!

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Thanks Jennie :) Once I started making those chalkboard signs I couldn’t stop, I was having so much fun, I tried literally finding every kind of excuse to make another

  5. Kristina,
    Your shower was gorgeous in every detail from the beautiful cake, to the Bruschetta Bar, to the Dessert table.
    You are the best party planner:)

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Haha aw! Thanks Becky :) We worked so hard on it, I love planning stuff like this!

  6. I go through severe vacation withdrawal after every time. :) I LOVE hazelnut cake!

  7. I love hazelnut anything and this sounds just super!

  8. This looks so wonderful!!! You`re amazing for helping to plan all this! So pretty! The food… gahhh I wish I could eat them all! :D

  9. How on earth did I miss this?! It looks awesome, great job!

    • Whipped Baking says:

      haha thanks girl! It was SO yummy. I’m making the frosting again next week for another cake, Im obsessed with the milk chocolate version :)


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