Spicy Chicken with Summer Vegetable Salad


So it might have been 50 and rainy today; the Memorial Day gods may have been laughing at us as we ducked in and out of the patio trying to grill our bbq chicken, but I feel like summer guys! I just got home from one of those genius self serve frozen yogurt joints where they let you pick from an endless buffet of candy, chocolate,  and all things sugar, and I feel like it could be sunny and 80’s. Or like I may be suffering from a mild sugar coma. Summer doesn’t start when the pool opens, it starts with a lazy weekend and frozen yogurt.


I rolled up in a shirt I may or may not have slept in last night… no makeup, gym shoes from 2005…The little 7 year old girl in line behind me could have lent me her stick on earrings and I could have passed for 12. Summer is here.


Which is why I am SO excited to share this Spicy Chicken with Summer Vegetable Salad! I wish I could take credit for the chicken rub but I found it in Cooking Light. The flavor is FABULOUS. And I mean it. The original recipe was for the grill, but I know a lot of us in apartments don’t’ have access to one so I decided to adapt the recipe for an indoor grill pan. If you have a grill – grill everything! If you don’t – fire up your stove top, this is delishhhhhh.



You can get this on the table in 30 minutes flat. Plus leftover chicken is awesome for fajitas, quesadillas, and sandwiches the rest of the week. You can pick any kind of seasonal veggies for the salad, but I really love the combination of the cool avocado and sweet corn with the spicy chicken. Add some low fat ranch dressing or my vegan creamy basil lime sauce (remember this from my sweet potato tacos??) and you’ve got a super quick super yummy meal.


Yay for short work weeks! Have a great one guys!!







  1. EEEE I know I am so excited about summer, such an awesome time of year :D

    (and I don’t see a Morkie…..>:( :P)

  2. This would be a perfect lunch for me right now! I love that vegetable salad! YUM!

  3. Summer on a plate!! Love all the colors – and lemme just take that sauce on a spoon! Yum!

  4. Cooking Light is amazing! It’s been my favorite magazine for, oh, at least 8 years now. (Skip the fashion and pop culture — I just want to read about food in my mags!)

    And I’m definitely right there with you on froyo stores!! We have at least 5 or 6 in my tiny town, but only some are self-serve. There’s one with at least 16 different flavors, and my guy and I tried nearly all of them between the two of us the last time we went! (I did all the chocolate/caramel/cookie/PB flavors, and he went with the fruits… We’re such opposites when it comes to dessert preferences!)

    • Whipped Baking says:

      You have 16 different froyo stores?? I am so jealous of you right now! I think we have two?? Those all you can eat candy bars are seriously dangerous, maybe its better we just have a couple.. :)

  5. I love short working weeks they are the best!

    That spicy chicken recipe looks really yummy :)

  6. So easy and delicious too!

  7. The rub & salad sound so delicious! Yay for summer!

  8. This looks like the perfect summer dish-it’s finally feeling like summer here and hope it is for you too!

  9. Great dinner recipe, I will try it before summer is over! :)