Baked Chicken Fingers with Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce


I am SUCH a condiment girl.


Ketchup. Honey Mustard. Mayo… Miracle Whip (forget those commercials that make you pick sides).

I dip french fries in honey. Eggs in salsa… eat mayonaise and tomato sandwiches….so its only natural that one of my favorite foods on earth are Chicken Fingers. The holy grail of dippers.


The only problem is that most chicken fingers you find at restaurants are battered, deep fried, and loaded with calories. With a 2 am Wendy’s run as an exception (obviously!),  I wanted to come up with a recipe that I could feel good about eating and serving to other people. No deep frying, lower fat, and super quick – I’m talking total prep/cook time, 20 minutes. If you have kids (I don’t… but I do have brothers… :) these are a perfect way to sneak some healthy finger food into their diets.


Ha! Yikes, ok.. so I’m starting to sound like an infomericial for these… but seriously I LOVE them! I’m making them again tonight for dinner, the honey mustard dipping sauce kicks absolute butt. Baking them in the oven keeps them nice and juicy, and finishing them under the broiler gives the panko this perfect crunch that you normally crave from the deep fried version.



I hope you all have amazing weeks! I’m enjoying my last week in my summer apartment before I move to my new place this weekend! Wish me and my poor volunteer movers luck!











  1. Excuse me while I bathe in honey-mustard sauce. Seriously my favorite condiment EVER.

  2. I hope you plan on serving those to your movers. I bet they would really like them.

  3. WOW….cannot wait to make this!!!!!!!!


  4. These look super delicious and so easy to make! Hehe my boyfriend thanks you in advance for sharing this recipe ;)

  5. I looove chicken tenders, and it’s so awesome how you’ve healthified these!

  6. These look amazing! I had no idea that they made whole wheat panko bread crumbs! Life changer!

    BBQ sauce is my favorite dipping sauce. Life would be incomplete without it! Honey Mustard is a close second.

  7. I am definitely a french fries and honey girl. These chicken strips are looking delicious! And yes, I would be dipping them in the honey mustard.

  8. I like where you’re headed with these!! I could easily eat a few more of these instead of those fried ones!!

  9. Mmm I am a mustard fiend and I must make this with my next breaded chicken recipe. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. I’m always trying to come up with new ideas for chicken so I’m loving this one! And what are chicken fingers without honey mustard dipping sauce – sounds scrumptious! :)

  11. Obviously, I’m going to need these. They look so yummy, and I love that they only take 20 minutes total.