Skinny Mini Apple Crisps


applecrisp13Mm..mmm! Apple crisps are the epitome of Fall. I know Pumpkin is usually the popular kid on the playground but lets not forget who is first to recess! It is apple season guys and ALL I want to eat are apples. Especially those covered in buttery crumble and baked warm with cinnamon….and maybe some ice-cream.


I’m sorry but this post it 100% selfish… it was Friday… and I really just wanted apple crisp. Like really, really bad. All week my mailbox was stuffed with cooking magazines covered in apple recipes… Cooking Light… Bon Appetit…Savuer (can you tell I shop at Sur La Table.. free magazine with purchase*). It was only a matter of time before I gave in.

Like 48 hours…



I love this recipe because it is SO simple. And adorable :) You can definitely bake this recipe into one 8X8 baking dish but I think the single serve portions in 1/2 pint mason jars are just too cute! You can find them at most hobby stores – I bought mine in bulk for cheap. Its one of those things thats great to to just have. Creeping through Pinterest I swear there are at least 10 things a day I want to do with mason jars…cute flower pots, parfait bowls, candle holders, salad shakers…throw some ribbon around and they are pretty party ready!

types of apples

 Found this cheat sheet on Pinterest, Braeburn are my absolute favorite for crumbles! Not too tart … not too sweet… perfectly balanced :)


But cuteness aside – these are DElISH! So simple, and so so yummy. Warm cinnamon baked apples with buttery crumb topping…All I need is an apple cider doughnut from the apple orchard and I’m set till Thanksgiving. Plus these cuties are perfectly portioned to just 170 calories with a more than generous sprinkle of buttery crumb topping!


So eat up! Have a delicious 1st Day of Fall!









  1. I just stocked up on apples from the farmers market because I want to make every apple recipe too! These little crumbles look so tasty, love it!

  2. These are so cute! I love apple season, I probably made apple desserts 2x/week last fall so I absolutely love this skinnier version and mason jars make them extra cute :)

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Thanks Chelsie :) Haha I’m right there with you.. trying to figure out the next one for the week!

  3. Ok, I totally need to get me a bunch of those adorable jars! They are too perfect for these little crisps. And I agree…I could take or leave most pumpkin items, but I am all about all apple ALL the time!

    • Whipped Baking says:

      I know! I’m obsessed with them, trying to find more ways to use them :) the half pint is PERFECT for the crisps bc they’re so shallow

  4. Mmm this looks so delish. I also love apple chart too, golden delicious are calling my name right now ;)

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Ooo yum! I got a chance to run the apple orchard last weekend for my honey crisps… those are my favorites :) !

  5. Ooooh these little crisps are so adorbs! They look perfectly tasty and I know Michael would gobble em all up in no time!

  6. This is great! I love the apple guide, so handy!!

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Thanks! Me too :) I saw it on Pinterest…I don’t usually get completely lost on that site but I have been addicted the past 3 days party planning… can’t. stop.

  7. Those mini mason jars are adorable! I’d want to to put EVERYTHING in there – savory items too! And I love that Pinterest cheat sheet for apples – so helpful!

  8. These apple crisps look amazing, I could just stare into its eyes all day long! Definitely going to make this after our next apple picking adventure!

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Hahaha thanks Pamela! And jealous about your next apple picking adventure! I love love going to apple orchards! Mainly for the apple doughnuts :)

  9. I can totally relate to the craving for apple crisp! I love the idea of these lightened up individual servings…otherwise, I keep going back to the dish and helping myself to more! Well done, my friend!!!

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Haha it doesn’t work… then I just started eating the other jars too… Its a lost cause :)

  10. I can’t believe that I have never made apple crisps! But these ones have taken them to a whole new level. I love this!

  11. This looks great! I love apple crisp, but sometimes don’t want to be tempted by a whole pan! What a cute and convenient recipe! :)

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Thanks Annie! Haha and areed! A 9×13 pan of anything is usually very dangerous :)

  12. What a cute idea! I’ll be giving these a whirl this fall :)

  13. Haha I like your descriptions, they sound so tasty! I don’t think I could limit myself to just one little jar though.

  14. I love the little jars, very cute. And I also love apple crisp!

  15. Can you freeze these and reheat?