Halloween Graveyard Oreo Brownies




How cute is he?? I am a firm believer that Halloween should be reserved for friendly ghosts, Glinda the Good Witch, Disney Princess costumes, and free candy for all.


No thank you to Mr. Scary Clown…creepy house at the end of the street…and movies rated higher than PG- 13. I will never ever forget my first (and ONLY) Haunted House…after surviving at least 6 back to back heart attacks and a possibly sprained ankle from jumping sky high at ever corner… I MADE it out. I could see the light… or more like cellphone lights… from kids in line telling their friends that its a HORRIBLE idea to do this. Anyways…SO excited, barely breathing…sprinting through the last 10 feet of darkness.. and I EAT IT. Literally right as my face hits the light. Strobe light style. RIGHT in front of the 50 + person line packed with all of my high school friends…and I when I say eat it. I mean it. Like ate gravel. All up in my face.


Never again.


I will be chowing down on these adorable little ghost brownies and watching the Little Mermaid this Halloween thank you very much.



 HA! Throwback Halloween fam pic. What you’re missing is the cheerleader beating up the power ranger after the pic was taken…


Ok so these little cutie brownies are ADORABLE – but seriously, they are ridiculously delish! As in the only thing scary about these brownies is that you can devour the whole pan and then still want to lick the batter bowl clean. These are Oreo brownies with my new favorite creamy dreamy Oreo frosting. Call these cookies and cream brownies – whatever you want. They are amazing.



And don’t let the decorating scare you either! These are super simple – the only possibly frustrating part is piping the letters RIP on the tombstones but I firmly believe in you. Your office party/kids classroom/ halloween party will think you are the coolest chick around.










  1. Ahah I love them!!! too cute!

  2. I’m with you, Kristina. Ghosts should be friendly and cute like the one in your gorgeous photos. I do NOT do haunted houses. At all. You and I can hang out in the Disney section together!

  3. I’m with you, halloween is for fun, not scary stuff! Cute and fun things like these adorable ghosts :)

  4. I love these! One of the cutest halloween ideas I have ever seen! Just gorgeous… and yummy!

  5. These are too cute :) I looovveee this!

  6. I agree with you on Halloween! Let’s just make it so!!! I’m also pretty sure one year I was a cheerleader and my brother was a power ranger too, lol!

    THESE BROWNIES ARE SO CUTE! Lookat the adorable lil ghosty!! And they’re yummmalicious brownies to boot!!!!

  7. This is just too cute!! I love love love them!

  8. oh my gosh i want to make these… Do you think it’s possible to veganize using flax eggs and margarine (instead of unsalted butter)? I guess the frosting would need non-hydrogenated shortening? Advice would be much appreciated, thank you so much!

    • Whipped Baking says:

      You should definitely try! Trying to veganize is always an experiment – so I can’t promise the flax egg will work perfectly the first time, but mess with it! Brownies are the absolute hardest to veganize – if you want – check out my vegan brownies on my blog here (I can’t send you the link in the comment box), then you know it will work :) And then yes – just swap in some vegan non-hydrogenated shortening for the frosting! Let me know how it goes!

  9. These are too cute, definitely being pinned to my Halloween list! Thanks for sharing and making me smile! :)

  10. OMG. I know what you mean about the haunted house and scary Halloween thing. I`m so easily scared…I`ll scream and jump at everything if I were to ever go into a haunted house. LOL. But, oh my, THESE ARE TOO CUTE!!

  11. Wow, these look really really good!!! I love your haunted house story. That was me, always freaked by those things and I will never ever watch any scary movie that is rated R. The 6th Sense is scary enough for me. :) Haha. Love this cute idea. They look amazing.


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