Brie, Roasted Turkey, and Pear Panini


Holy moly this week got crazy.

Crazy good. Crazy bad. A little sad. And a lot, a lot of LOVE.


My amazing, brilliant, grandpa passed away this week. He battled Alzheimer’s for over 8 years and I have never seen a more graceful fight in my life. Alzheimer’s tries to take everything away from you, and even until the end it couldn’t take his heart, I’m so happy he gets to rest now… and hopefully find the most kick butt Old Country Buffet up there in heaven (go figure the gourmet granddaughter has the grandpa obsessed with an all-you-can-eat buffet).


But with the bad always comes the good, and this week has been SO blessed, full of exciting interviews and hilarious high school lectures. Kids never ever fail to brighten my day. EVER. It’s like constant word vomit. And it’s awesome. That’s another reason I LOVE cooking, its one of those things where everyone drops their guard and gets real. Kids are good at that, sometimes it takes a little chicken chili to get us adults there!


So enough of the sap! At this point grandpa would have gone behind my back and started sneaking food out of the fridge….


Let’s talk sandwiches. FABULOUS sandwiches. This lovely sammie isn’t just pretty – it is so so delicious, and ridiculously easy. I’m not even giving you a usual recipe  today – just ingredients, no measurements necessary. I know Halloween food is usually chili, stews, and delivery pizza – but I swear some of the best comfort food comes in sandwich form. These are great for grown-up tummys on sugar overload from sneaking Reese’s from their kids’ bags…and fabulous for us in the kids-free zone wanting some cute bites for our Halloween parties.


Roasted Turkey + Brie + Sliced Pears + Arugula + Dijon + Cranberry Nut Bread = flavor perfection.


Picture creamy brie melted over sweet pears and savory roast turkey, topped with peppery arugula, a little spicy dijon, and a rustic nut cranberry bread. Yum. yum. YUM.





  1. So much love to you, darling. <3

    (I'll take a sandwich, if you're sharing.)

  2. Wow this panini looks fantastic! Thanks for solving my weekend lunch dilemma! Love all of your recipes!

  3. 1. I’m SO sorry about your grandpa hun!
    2. Congrats on all the good stuff! You’re amazing!
    3. THIS SAMMICH! I loooove brie…like…oh man

  4. Sounds delicious as usual! I love love love brie. So sorry to here about your grandpa, he sounds great.

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Thanks :) He was, and he LOVED food, couldn’t think of a better way to honor him then with a recipe :)

  5. HUGS, Kristina. This is definitely my kind of sandwich, and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t share it with anyone because it’s that good! :)

  6. This looks awesome! If I saw this on a restaurant menu I would be sold! Delish!!

  7. oh. my. gosh!!! Drooling over this sammie!

  8. I’m so sorry about the passing of your grandpa…such cute memories you have of him! And this sandwich looks divine! This is what I want to make with my Thanksgiving leftovers…right down to the cranberry nut bread! Wow!

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Ooo Thanksgiving already sounds so good! And thanks LIz :) Lots and lots of fun memories

  9. I’m so sorry to hear about your grandfather. He sounds like a wonderful human being.
    This looks like the ultimate thanksgiving sandwich. I would love to try this!

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Thanks for the sweet comment :) And I hope you do! I literally through this together in 2 minutes, so yummy!

  10. Your grandfather sounds like a lively, loving, upbeat man, and your family was really lucky to have him. I’m sure he was so proud of you and your gourmet food! Maybe one day, there will be gourmet food buffets so both of you could be happy. (I’d be okay with that too!)

    And ohhhh my goodness, pears and cheese and Dijon sounds like the most amazing sweet and savory and salty and spicy combination. Must try, for sure!

  11. Such a great alternative on a usual sandwich, gotta try this!

  12. Your grandfather was so brave and must have been so PROUD of you! I`m sorry that had to happen to you, but I`m glad you feel blessed. :)

    Now, this sandwich is something I want for lunch!! I need to get myself a panini maker….Haha

  13. This bread looks AMAZING! I love the use of brie and it’s such an awesome idea for Thanksgiving leftovers. Graduate them from the classic dump-it-all casserole, no? Yes!