Fresh Herb Roasted Turkey Breast


8 days until Thanksgiving…!

That means just 8 more days until Santa comes to Macy’s, 93.9 Christmas Lite FM, and Starbuck’s cute little Christmas cups

o wait.

All of that has been up since October.. and I LOVE it. I’m sorry. Judge away. I’m one of those people that scours the radio looking for the first Christmas station. I watched Love Actually on Sunday. And there may or may not be a Christmas ornament sitting on my coffee table….


I’m of the more is better mindset and if I can drink a peppermint mocha while I’m prepping my Thanksgiving turkey, the world just got a little better.


And the world just got SO much better because on Sunday I successfully roasted my first ever “Friendsgiving” Turkey Breast without burning down my new apartment complex or poisoning any of my lovely guests. The Griswolds would be so proud. And guys, it was ridiculously EASY. I don’t get intimidated in the kitchen very much, but the idea of roasting cute little Turkey Tom in the oven and making sure that it came out perfectly for guests freaked me out a bit. It’s one thing to roast a turkey for me to experiment with for the blog. But this time it had to be perfect! I had guests! And it was the guest of honor’s birthday!


So today’s post is all about teaching you guys how to roast the simplest, most delicious, Fresh Herb Roasted Turkey Breast  you will ever eat. For those of you hosting your first Thanksgivings, Friendsgivings, and Pre-Thanksgivings – this recipe is foolproof and quick. For smaller gatherings and first time ventures, a Turkey Breast is a great way to go. Depending on the size, you can serve anywhere from 4- 10 people, and since its just a breast – it cooks up in 1 1/2 – 2 hours. Perfect for those of us working or busy that want a stress free recipe to entertain our guests.


I kept this dish lighter by using a skinless bone-in turkey breast –  if you cannot find skinless it is very very simple to do  yourself. Use a sharp knife to carefully separate skin from turkey breast, it will peel back nice and easy. However, because this is just a turkey breast you want to be sure not to overcook because it will dry out easier without the excess fat. Watch it in the oven, check the temperature around 1 1/2 hours, and if the turkey starts to brown on the top make a tent with foil and loosely cover the bird.

If you guys have any questions leave a comment below or shoot me an e-mail;!







And before I let you go I want to give a big THANK YOU to the amazing Evan Hunt from Evan Hunt Photo for photographing all of my new bio pics for Whipped! He does such gorgeous work, you all need to check out his website and creep through his galleries – they are breathtaking! So I was absolutely thrilled when he was able to snap a few shots for me!


Ok so this is not something I usually do – feel a little awks posting pictures of my face all over the internet! But had to show off Evan’s awesome work, the lighting in his photographs is beautiful – I was definitely grilling him for some food photography help during our shoot!

Hope you enjoy the fresh pics!!



 New bio pic

toryevan Snuck in some Tory pics, miss my pup!


Workin’ it in the kitchen


 HA! Ok that should be enough Kristina face time for the month…..Evan… you are awesome!


  1. I considered doing just a turkey breast since I’m cooking an early thanksgiving dinner for just the BF and I, but he wanted dark meat! Maybe for christmas I’ll try this!

  2. You look GAWGEOUS! (I felt silly when I posted my headshots, too, but how could we not promote our awesome photographers?!) New pics are the bomb dot com.

  3. I`m glad your friendsgiving went well!! I`m definitely going to miss doing that in college already! :P

    And YOU ARE GORGEOUSS!!! I love the new bio pictures! :D

    • Whipped Baking says:

      You are too sweet! Thanks Lynna :) You can still do it after college (I’ve been out since 2010!), We all pick a weekend before we head home at the end of the month, have a fabulous holiday darling!

  4. 1. You’re beautiful and these pictures are STUNNING

    2. I don’t like the skin on turkey anyway so that makes this recipe EVEN BETTTERRR! It looks sooooooooooooo delicious. I’m gonna pin it.

    3. I’m scrred of actually baking a whole turkey (mostly the icky part where I’ve gotta stick my hand up in there) so fab job girly. I admire you.

  5. First of all, you’re totally gorgeous! And I adore your kitchen – so jealous. Can I come live there?! Second, that turkey breast looks divine. There is nothing like fresh herbs and juicy turkey, and how amazing does the kitchen smell during the roasting?! I expect an invitation to Friendsgiving next year :D I’ll earn my keep!

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Haha you can come live there if you don’t mind moving in with my parents… :) I borrowed my mom’s kitchen for the shoot, I love love their kitchen with the big window! And you’re definitely invited, see you next year :)