Leftover Turkey Tacos with Chipotle Cream


There’s only about one thing in this world that can pry me away from a 50% off Bloomingdales sale on Black Friday.

Or 70% off at Sur La Table…

OR a 20-50% off sale at Macy’s…..30% off Jcrew….




Okkkkk feeling slightly less confident about this decision….


And it’s my FAVORITE family tradition. Every Friday morning after Thanksgiving my dad, little brother, and I venture out into the cold rural Illinois wilderness (aka the adorable cut-your-own Christmas tree place down the street) and cut down our Christmas tree. Rain or shine, blizzarding…sleeting…we show up. 3 layers of pants, 2 pairs of mittens, hand warmers….


Only this year marked a turning point in the Kubik fam tradition. Times have changed people.


Apparently it’s no longer accepted that I have the arm strength of a first grader or the circulation of a 90 year old. No sawing, no say in which tree we pick. Which is royally unfair. Because my brother is 12 times my size. The only tree I could bring home would make Charlie Brown cry. Again.


But luckily my little bro has learned from the best and we took home a FABULOUS tree! I absolutely love this weekend, all we do is decorate the house, eat leftovers, and see friends.


O.. and eat leftovers! The most important part of this whole post! Guys – these Turkey Tacos with Chipotle Cream are unreal. The chipotle cream is so so good, I want to put that stuff on ev-er-y-thing. I’m not kidding – I was so excited at how good these turned out. Even if you’re one of those people that doesn’t like to fuss with your leftovers you need to make these with rotisserie chicken. Will come out just the same – same proportions. These tacos kick butt. And they’re dairy free. And potentially gluten free if you find some GF tortillas!


Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!





  1. That sounds like a fantastic tradition! And I love the tree!
    I am also loving these tacos! My mouth starts watering every time I hear the word “chipotle” :)

  2. OMG yum!!! These look so yummy! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I can’t wait to make these tacos! xx

  3. The tree is beautiful! I always have such a hard time picking them but as soon as I become attached, I know it’s the one for me! I love turkey tacos, yours look great!

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Haha I know what you mean! I think we walked around for 40 minutes looking for that tree, but when we found it we knew it was the one :) Now I still have to find one for my apartment!

  4. YUM! My family makes leftover turkey enchiladas! These look awesome!

  5. We had fish tacos last night and now I’m craving your turkey version. Our turkey is long gone, but I’ll definitely try them with chicken! Love your tree!