Favorite Minestrone Soup


Whoa. It is COLD in Chicago today. Holy moly.


I left my makeup bag by the window last night and it literally turned my mascara into this thick goopy mess that makes my eyelashes look like tarantula legs on steroids. I’m going to need an ice pick to get out my moisturizer.


But the good thing about freezy cold days are that they make for the best cozy nights at home! One of my favorite parts of December is coming home after a long day of Christmas shopping in the cold, plopping down on my couch with a big bowl of soup, and watching Christmas movies all night.


And what makes coming home even better is when the soup is already done. Because after 6 hour mall marathons, epic parking space battles in the parking lot, and mile long lines, I actually turn into a monster. 2 steps lower than Scrooge. The kind of monster that would eat a plate of Christmas cookies for dinner. Scratch that. Cookie dough. Probably dipped in peanut butter. Because I’m usually exhausted…and hungry! And apparently my comfort food is whatever can clog my arteries the quickest.


Which is exactly why soup is the Christmas miracle worker, its the absolute perfect way to come home. You can make it on Sunday and you magically have dinner all week. Leave out the orzo and this soup freezes great too. Dinner for 3 months! Because beyond shopping, we all have Christmas parties, gift exchanges, tree decorating, and more – this is a quick and easy way to sneak in a few healthy dinners when we have barely any time to even fit in all the parties!


But the most important thing to take away from this post is that this soup is DELISH! I come from a long line of Italians and we take our minestrone very seriously. I want a hearty bowl of rich flavor. Most minestrone recipes you find will probably coax out some yummy flavor with a little meat – pancetta – but I really wanted a vegetarian bowl of soup with just as much comfort. I added a little tomato paste to help intensify that yummy tomato flavor, and the perfect balance of basil and oregano. I like orzo in mine but you can absolutely sub in any pasta you like. Same goes for veg – if you have green beans in the frig, throw those in. Change up the beans. This is a great base recipe for making it your own.


Happy Holidays!!









  1. Seriously, I was supposed to drive across the city to tutor tonight. Um…nope. Reschedule! My mom texted me around 5 pm…”are you guys getting any snow?” Um, you’re about 12 hours behind on that one. Yikes. I’ll take a pot of this soup, please! Stay warm, darling.

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Haha! O I was right there with you… I took my little cousins on our annual Christmas shopping day that Sunday with the crazy snow, I drove home to Chicago from Oakbrook at 5 literally when the warning started… and the blackhawks game was at 6, I c-r-a-w-l-e-d home :)

  2. soooo ch-ch-chilllyy!! The only upside is those cozy nights with a big mug of something warm, like this soup! mmmmmmm!!!

  3. I’m happy to hear you survived holiday shopping. There’s snow on the ground in Baltimore, and I could sure use a big bowl of this soup. Pinned.