Super Bowl Stuffed Spinach Sausage Bread



SUPER BOWL is coming! We are two weeks away from football food bliss, beer, and fabulous TV commercials. I’m sure somewhere in there you can sneak in a little actual football, but for me its all about the chips and dip marathon and hilarious commercials. Obviously not a surprise to you all!


And seriously, these commercials better be good this year. Like Force Volkswagon good, or a nip slip from Bruno Mars at Halftime, because if I am missing my Sunday night Downton Abbey/GIRLS/Revenge marathon, Pepsi better be bringing their A-game. And I better be eating some serious spinach dip.


Or even better… Stuffed Spinach Sausage Bread. Ok, I’m fully aware that sausage bread is probably the worst thing ever to photograph. It is not a sexy loaf of bread, it is not pretty, this is not a cupcake. BUT this is SO freaking delicious. I’ve been eating this thing every New Year’s Day/Super Bowl Sunday that I can remember and it is the Holy Grail of football food. And its incredibly quick and easy to make!


Ladies – this is man bait.

Men – you’re welcome.


I lightened up the original recipe by swapping in some spicy Italian turkey sausage and controlling the proportion of cheese. I used pre-made white bread dough (fast and simple!) but you could absolutely bump up the nutrition profile with whole wheat instead. This freezes great – I have two loaves in my freezer right now, just make sure you freeze it the same day you make it once it’s cooled completely.





  1. Wow Kristina this looks amazing and like it’d be a total winner with the guys. And the pics look great, I think it’s super sexy haha :)

  2. This bread looks so delectable. I love that you stuffed it! That is so unique!

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Thanks Jocelyn! Credit to my mom :) She’s been making a version of this since I was kid, so good!

  3. I am totally with you tuning in for the commercials and the chips and dip. Any excuse for a cheesy, melty indulgence is cool with me (even if it means missing Downton Abbey and Revenge)! I imagine that sausage bread is a challenge to photograph but you have made it look easy! I want to just grab that slice.

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Haha thank goodness for DVRs! I’ll just have to postpone my marathon for Monday :)

  4. Oh goodness, you are SO right… My guy would be all over this! If he doesn’t have to work on Super Bowl Sunday, that is. (It’s a volunteer thing, so he can’t complain too much!) As a big sports girl, I actually enjoy watching the game — totally surprising! — but I still LOVE the commercials. I’m hoping for lots of cute ones this year!

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Thats so sweet that he’s volunteering! You’ll have to save him leftovers :) I’m not a gigantic football girl but I love Super Bowl Sunday!

  5. Cheese and bread, married together. Ah, bliss!

  6. bahahaaaa men-you’re welcome!

    LOVE! Totally man-bait!

  7. This is awesome for the superbowl!

  8. excellent idea! love that bread!

  9. Stuffed bread is a must at all parties on the CT shoreline. This looks great and I love that you used pre-made bread to speed up the process a bit.

    • Whipped Baking says:

      Thanks Emily! It does make it go SO much much faster, this recipe is super quick. Staple in my house too :) Have a great Super Bowl Sunday!

  10. The man bait thing just cracked me up. It’s so very true. Love this stuffed bread. Go team!