Chocolate Covered S’more Pretzels


I feel like whoever decided that Chocolate and Valentine’s Day should go together was either a politician, the pope, or a middle school teacher because that was pretty much the best strategic move in the history of Hallmark holidays.

How do we keep the peace on the one day of the year that can make even the biggest commitment-phobe pop on a Nicholas Sparks movie and just about any breathing female want to Dirty Dancing jump into Ryan Gosling’s arms (EVERY DAY. Crazy Stupid Love anyone??). No matter which way you swing, love Valentine’s Day or hate it there is only one thing that can rebalance the universe on a day devoted to pink, flowers, and nervous boyfriends.


Chocolate….Lots of chocolate. Ladies, you know it! Sorry dudes, you’re a close second.


So as my love letter to chocolate – I made these killer Chocolate Covered S’more Pretzels! I’m so excited about these. Creeping through Pinterest I found a version of them on Love From the Oven and I knew I had to come up with my own recipe! Over the holidays I always make a zillion different kinds of chocolate pretzels…we all know the usual yummys – M&M topped pretzel O’s, the Rolo ones (SO good), etc. etc. This S’more version takes it over the top. Plus they’re adorable with cute little sprinkles!


These are perfect to big batch and wrap for cute Valentine’s Day office gifts, kid’s classroom parties, ladies nights, so on. Really easy to transport and stack. And incredibly easy – all you need is a microwave. So enjoy everyone!

pretzelprep   pretzelprep2   chocolatepretzels7




  1. These look amazing, Kristina! What I’d do to eat one right now… ;)

  2. YES!!! Chocolate defines Valentine’s Day. In my world. Not red roses, not romantic dinners, not pink-and-red-everything. (Although those other things are nice too.) Love how easy these are to prep AND how adorable they are!

  3. Cute! These would definitely be a cute classroom treat.

  4. LOVE Crazy Stupid Love. LOVE chocolate=love. LOVE LOVE LOVE these treats!!! S’mores anything is pretty much always a win to me, esp. when there’s the sweet/saltiness of the pretzels added!! AWESOME idea, girl!

  5. great combination! excellent!

  6. Chocolate S’mores pretzels any day of the year would make me a happy, happy, girl! I love how quick and easy these are too. Perfect for last minute planners.

  7. These look so fantastic! Super smart!

  8. Such a cute idea!! What a fantastic thing to make for finger foods at a party!

  9. Yum! Simple but delicious!

  10. OMG what an amazing idea!! I bet pretzels are even more delicious that graham crackers because they have that nice salty flavor too. This is brilliant. And the pretty sprinkles look so festive! :)