Exclusive Interview with Celebrity Chef, Georgia Pellegrini!


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I cannot tell you how excited I am for today’s post! I got to sit down with celebrity chef, and author of “Girl Hunter” and “Modern Pioneering”, Georgia Pellegrini for an exclusive interview! She is one of the coolest chicks I’ve met with probably THE coolest cookbook I’ve ever seen.

Her newest book, “Modern Pioneering” is a road map to a self-sufficient lifestyle – overflowing in tips and tricks for true farm-to-table cooking.


Her book and philosophy are incredibly empowering for women, I love the idea of this return to a self-sufficient lifestyle. As many of you ladies know – a lot of our emphasis towards empowering women is by making big changes in the workplace, but rarely do we discuss how we can empower ourselves on a daily level – how we eat and take care of ourselves.


W: Can you tell me a little about yourself? What inspired your self-sufficient style of cooking?

I took a leap of faith into culinary. While I was cooking in South France, I learned to be more hands on with my ingredients. I took those experiences with me to New York City where I worked farm-to-table restaurants. I had a kind of watershed moment when I had to kill a turkey for one of the restaurant kitchens. That’s when I really wanted to become more interactive with my ingredients; I started learning how to hunt.


W: I think these are things a lot of women want to do, we just don’t know how or might be scared. Can you tell me a little about your Kohler Adventure Getaway Weekend?

My Getaway teaches women to roll up their sleeves and step outside their comfort zone. I want to empower women to be self-sufficient and come together to encourage each other without judgment; be fearless, laugh until it hurts.

Kohler is the perfect balance of rugged outdoors and relaxation. Women will learn how to fish, how to feed a bird, hike – we’ll take cooking classes, trap shoot, and end the day with a great wine bubble bath.

“Modern Pioneering” is an extension of this same experience, Kohler is inspired by my new book. I want to teach manual literacy – learning to do more with your hands; like your grandmother with a modern twist, do more with less.


What does a day on your Kohler Getaway look like?

You’ll wake up and have a great breakfast, then out for the morning activity. If we’re hunting in the afternoon we’ll clay shoot early so we can practice our shooting. Otherwise we’ll also do morning yoga on the lake or fly fish.

In the afternoon we’ll have lunch, then go out bird hunting with trained dogs and guides – and come back for cocktail hour and a nice dinner.

We’ll finish up with S’mores by the fire and scotch tasting.


W: A lot of women my age are the pioneers of the cell phone, facebook, and twitter – we’ve grown up intrinsically connected to technology, what do you say to the women who would be horrified if they couldn’t check their text messages every 5 min (guilty!), why is modern pioneering so important?

I think it is so important to stay in touch with things more real, more natural, not virtual reality. It’s all about taking it slow and incorporating little modern pioneering practices throughout your day. Try making cheese while doing errands,  or make fresh butter in 15 min while surfing Facebook –You can bring for a fun dinner party! Try gorilla gardening – make seed bombs for a fun Friday night date night, all you do is throw the seed bombs out your car window to parking strips – places that need life and color; thyme bombs, butterfly bombs, adding beauty to the world.


W: Ok, now let’s talk about your cookbook! What are your favorite recipes from Modern Pioneering? I’ve been eyeing that Watermelon Keg…


(right?? LOVE)

Some of my favorite recipes are Pea Pancakes – so pretty, can make small for appetizers, my Tipsy Watermelon Salad, and all of the curing and preserving – salmon jerky, red wine popsicles, champagne roll ups. I want food to visually inspire with colors, it should encompass all your senses.


W: What’s your favorite pioneering DIY beauty advice? What’s one thing we can change up in our morning routine?

I love homemade lip gloss. Use every day pantry staples and beet juice to make it pink and store in recycled containers.

I also love fun homemade gifts – for my body scrub I use leftover grinds from almond milk, or coffee grinds to shrink cellulite, even try beer in hair to make locks stronger.

But my all time favorite – take leftover red wine from a party, pour into your bathtub with water, and have an amazing vino bath therapy, great for skin!


W: For those of us (a lot of us bloggers), that are really passionate about our own labors of love, what advice do you have for us trying to build our own business? How did you turn your love of self-sufficiency into a full fledged business? And why did you think it was so important to do?

A lot of intense passion and hard work, blood sweat and tears is the name of the game. You need a good work ethic, intense focus, and real love for every day. I feel very fortunate that I can contribute something meaningful by empowering women and girls with useful content –the only way you receive is to give; do work for love of the work.


W: Thank you so much for your time Georgia! Looking forward to your Getaway!

If you’re interested in attending Georgia Pellegrini’s Kohler Adventure Getaway Weekend you can register online at www.americanclubresort.com/events/adventure_weekend.html.

The adventure runs April 3-6th at Kolher Co. and The American Club – a 2014 Forbes Five-Star recipient, located in Kohler, Wisconsin. It’s a great quick getaway to unwind after this cold, cold winter and meet some really cool women.



Cheers Whipped readers! Something kind of fun to change up things on the blog this week! Look forward to a new kick butt Spring recipe next week :)







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  3. This is so incredible! I never once thought about actually killing my meat, let alone hunting it. With my squeamish stomach, it might be hard — but I’d still love to try the fruit/veggies/eggs farm-to-table part of it someday!