About Me

whippedheadshot3Hi! My name is Kristina and I’m a 20-something foodie with a passion for cooking and healthy living. Welcome to my blog!

I believe good food shouldn’t just taste good – it should make you feel good too. Happy ingredients = Happy body. I want to show you how choosing fresh, whole ingredients can turn a boring dish into something irresistible and transform your body into a sexy confident you.

In a culture where its cheaper to buy a McDonald’s Big Mac than a dozen apples its easy to get trapped in the fast food cycle…

But I promise slow food can be quick! My blog is all about finding simple and easy ways to cook up some sinfully delicious dishes – with none of the guilt – and in half the time.

Craving something sweet? I also need to be able to indulge in my favorite treats. That’s why I love dreaming up irresistible lighter recipes to keep you zipped into your skinny jeans and confident in your high heels. I know lower cal recipes can sometimes taste like… low cal recipes. That’s why I’m only sharing recipes that taste truly decadent. No more settling for chalky brownies or dry cookies!

So get those mixers ready, and look up your closest farmer’s market!

Lets get cooking!






All photographs by me (Kristina) 2011