Banana Layer Cake With Fudgy Frosting for my Birthday!

Happy Birthday.... to me!   It's my 25th Birthday on Sunday and my Dad's 35th...(give or take a couple decades, love you pop!).... on Monday! So this weekend is absolutely jam packed with fun bday festivities!   Birthday's are seriously the best.I'm celebrating with my friends tomorrow night then meeting up with my fam to go to the Bears game on Sunday... and sit at the 50 yard line! These tickets are crazy good! Then finishing up Monday on my dad's bday for a big family … [Read more...]

Chocolate Chip Banana Bundt Cake

It's funny how excited you can get over a bunch of rotting bananas. I'd been eyeing them for the past few days, watching their bright yellow hue freckle with deep brown age spots and shrivel into delicious mushiness. I'd also been eyeing my mom getting ready to throw them out.... I decided I had to step up to the plate.. take one for the team. We couldn't possibly waste the bananas? It was my duty as a member of my family to save those bananas from waste and bake something from the Cake Keeper … [Read more...]