Chocolate Chip Brownie Double Deckers

This recipe just helped answer one of the world's most burning questions... And no, I don't mean how to rid world hunger or why the Kardashians have more viewers than Oprah. This is bigger. Do I take the brownie or the cookie from the dessert tray? Answer:  Both... and at the same time! Yes, America, bigger is better. These bars are two layers of  yummy fudgy brownie and chewy chocolate chip cookie. The two batters come together in a deliciously rich and tender bar. I made my … [Read more...]

Round One: Ne Plus Ultra Cookies

I decided to kick off my baking experiment with Martha's Ne Plus Ultra Cookies. They're loaded with rich chocolate, chewy raisins, and crunchy pecans- total classic cookie. I saw awesome reviews on them so I was really excited to make these my first go at Martha's Cookie Cookbook. I think I ended up getting a little too excited... they ended up being ok. Definitely a really good cookie, but nothing I'm dying to make again. Granted, I did overcook the first batch (oops) but the second batch was … [Read more...]