Jelly Filled Meltaway Thumbprint Cookies

There are three secret family recipes my mom told me to never to share on my blog. 1. Her meatball recipe. I don't even know her meatball recipe. 2. Crostini (Its this amazing cheesy spread with green onion and bacon you melt over toasted baguette slices YUM) 3. And....Jam Meltaway Thumbprint Cookies. oops. We've been making these for the Holidays for as long as I can remember. Our family friends do this thing every Christmas where we all swap cookie plates of our favorite … [Read more...]

Mini Pecan Sticky Buns and Pumpkin Cookies with Cinnamon Sugar Glaze

I have been in a sugar coma since about 3 o'clock yesterday. Actually I don't even know if you can call it a sugar coma. Its more like sugar dependency. These Spiced Pumpkin Cookies and Mini Pecan Sticky Buns are so good that my body is rejecting all other forms of food. Banana with breakfast? You mean banana bread right? Or oatmeal? But what about oatmeal cookies..... Worth it. I'll break the cycle when I feel like it. Probably never. These treats are two FABULOUS new recipes from two new … [Read more...]

Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies

I finally forced myself to sign up for the GRE last week (the thought of trying to re-learn high school math gives me heartburn more than half these recipes on my blog ). Ever since I clicked that "request an appointment" button on the GRE site the amount of cookies I usually bake has curiously tripled...but for the benefit of all of you! My procrastination has manifested into one of my all-time favorite chocolate cookies. EVER. These Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies from the Sono Baking … [Read more...]