Vegan Queso Dip & A Vegan Super Bowl!

There is something about smooth, spicy, Queso Dip that makes me..... ......want a beer. Which is an actual MIRACLE because I am a diehard Wino. In my mind literally EVERYTHING goes with wine. Oatmeal...gummy bears at the movies, hot dog at the baseball stadium (No judging!). So the fact that Queso actually makes me crave beer ┬ámeans that Bud better get on this if they want to catch the .001% of us that don't have a problem getting booed in the wine line at Wrigley Stadium.   So to … [Read more...]

Eat Your Drink – Cucumber Herb Veggie Dip (Tzatziki)

So it is hot in Chicago. Like real hot.   Like the kind of hot that even my ┬áDegree Clinical Strength Deo can't handle... that's when you know there's a problem. And thats not just a problem for me guys... that's a problem for you.   So to beat the heat I thought I'd make my first post with the new format all about staying hydrated! Its summertime - which means we all want to stay active, but its no fun laying around the pool with a headache and muscle cramps, … [Read more...]