Skinny Champagne Cosmos

Sooo... I think I'm going to have to start doing more cocktail recipes on the blog here guys... I always talk about how fabulous it is having an excuse to test out chocolate cake recipes on a Wednesday, but let me tell you... it is fabulous being able to test cocktail recipes on a Saturday afternoon. Or Wednesday night... or Thursday.. :) So please forgive me for any typos.. its all in the name of blog research.. With New Years Eve on Monday I thought this would be the perfect time to post an … [Read more...]

Quick Mini Pizza Appetizers with Arugula, Peppers, and Prosciutto

Happy 2012! Well... almost. Can you believe its already been another year? I keep accidentally typing 2010 for some reason. I'm a little behind. I literally almost sent out a resume yesterday that said December 2010. And the first line under my 'skill' section says "detail oriented..." I'm excited for New Years Eve though! As a kid we'd always work it up and make NYE into a huge deal. We'd all sneak like a half of beer from our parents, buy some cheap party hats... and then realize that … [Read more...]