Girl Power Bars – Granola Bars for Healthy Hair, Skin, and Nails!

Ok, so my bathroom counter literally looks like a really bad "Buy One Get One Free" sale in the cosmetics section at Walgreens.   Hoarders would beg me for an episode if they took two steps toward my sink.   There is eye shadow from I swear to God.. at least 5 years ago... moisturizer for oily skin... moisturizer for dry skin... ┬ámoisturizer for the wrinkles I don't have but that Lancome has promised me I will within the year... body lotions... hair gels... hair … [Read more...]

Round One: Ne Plus Ultra Cookies

I decided to kick off my baking experiment with Martha's Ne Plus Ultra Cookies. They're loaded with rich chocolate, chewy raisins, and crunchy pecans- total classic cookie. I saw awesome reviews on them so I was really excited to make these my first go at Martha's Cookie Cookbook. I think I ended up getting a little too excited... they ended up being ok. Definitely a really good cookie, but nothing I'm dying to make again. Granted, I did overcook the first batch (oops) but the second batch was … [Read more...]